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Q: What instruments are used to measure curved lines?
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What is the laboratory instrument used to measure curved lines?

At first they will use the twine to measure the curved lines and then they will take one scale and looke the measure

What is a jigsaw used for?

A jigsaw is used for cutting curved or round holes. With a straight guide it can cut straight lines.

What tool is used to measure curved surfaces?

Tape measure

What method is used to measure the lines used to measure the lines of the longitude and latitude to find the exact location?

The method used to measure lines of longitude and latitude to determine exact location is called geodetic surveying. It involves the use of specialized instruments such as theodolites and GPS receivers to accurately measure angles and distances on the Earth's surface. These measurements are then used to calculate the precise coordinates of a particular location.

What instruments what instruments are used to measure temperature?


What are theodolites used to measure?

They are surveying instruments used to measure angles.

Flexible strip used drawing curved lines?


What are the test instruments used in electronics?

Some test instruments used in electronics are:Multimeter - Used to measure voltage, ampere and resistanceOscilloscope - Used to measure frequency and oscillations

What are the instruments are used to measure the upper atmosphere?

The instruments used to measure the conditions of the upper atmosphere is a Radiosonde, Radar, Weather Satellites, and Computers.

What instruments are used to find length?

A ruler, a yard stick, and a tape measure can each be used to measure length. There are other instruments, but these are probably the most common.

Name the instruments necessary to measure each of the above quantities which are known by the units which they measure?

To measure various physical quantities, different instruments are used based on the type of quantity being measured. Here are some examples: Length: Measured in meters (m). Instruments used to measure length include rulers, tape measures, and calipers. Mass: Measured in kilograms (kg). Instruments used to measure mass include balances and scales. Time: Measured in seconds (s). Instruments used to measure time include clocks and stopwatches. Temperature: Measured in degrees Celsius (°C) or degrees Fahrenheit (°F). Instruments used to measure temperature include thermometers. Electric current: Measured in amperes (A). Instruments used to measure electric current include ammeters. Voltage: Measured in volts (V). Instruments used to measure voltage include voltmeters. Frequency: Measured in hertz (Hz). Instruments used to measure frequency include oscilloscopes and frequency counters. Pressure: Measured in pascals (Pa). Instruments used to measure pressure include barometers and manometers. There are many other physical quantities that can be measured, and different instruments may be used depending on the specific quantity and the required precision of the measurement.

Which instruments used to measure oil?

spring balance