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Contact some agents in your area they will be able to assist you with this.

2009-04-21 03:00:08
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Do art galleries insure the art shown in the gallery?

Most art galleries carry insurance on the pieces they hang or have in inventory, usually against theft or fire. However, that doesn't mean that ALL art galleries carry such insurance.

How many galleries are there in the National Gallery?

Well, I think there are 2300 galleries in the National Gallery

What is the plural possessive form of gallery?

The plural of gallery is galleries. The plural possessive would be galleries'.

How do you find out if a gallery has business liability insurance?

You simply ask them. If you have a legitimte need to know, they wil tell you. If you need verification, you will have to contact the galleries insurance carrier.

What is the plural form of gallery?


What is singular word for galleries?

Gallery is the singular form.

Which art gallery is considered the most popular in New York City?

Throughout the gallery district in New York City, specifically the Chelsea area, there are many popular art galleries. One of the better know galleries is the David Nolan gallery.

List four galleries in London?

The National Gallery. The National Portrait Gallery. Tate Britain. Tate Modern.

Is wentworth gallery going out of business?

No! We currently have 11 galleries in the U.S.

How many galleries in Santa Fe NM?

The Santa Fe Gallery Association states that Fanta Fe has more than 200 galleries.

What is an underground gallery for burial called?

Catacombs are underground galleries used for burials.

Are there Oceanic Art Galleries in Bali Indonesian?

There are some Tribal Art Galleries in Legion and one in Ubud called Ewa Oceanic Art Gallery.

What are the passages of the great pyramid called?

galleries the most important being the grand gallery

Which art galleries are in the vicinity of Heathrow Airport in London?

4, Chilton Rd, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4JBTel: 07748 984879 18, Crown Rd, St. Margarets, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 3EETel: 020 8241 2020 Heathrow (postcode TW6) is on the outskirts of London. Heathrow Airport itself is the host to some major art works. However, these are not in the form of an art gallery, as such. There are no art galleries in the immediate vicinity of Heathrow. But there are many art galleries in London, including major galleries such as:National Portrait Gallery, and the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, but it will take you about an hour by tube train to get there from Heathrow.Other major galleries in London: Tate, Saatchi, Courtauld Institute of Art Other galleries in London: Whitechapel Art Gallery, Guildhall Art Gallery, Colomb Art Gallery See Related Links below ads for more details

What art galleries can you visit in London?

There's the National Gallery*, Tate Britain*, Royal Academy, Hayward gallery, Wallace Collection* *=free of charge

Where is the 'Helly Nahmad Gallery' located?

The Helly Nahmad Gallery can be located at 975 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10075. Other galleries near the vicinity are Michael Werner Gallery, Barbara Mathes Gallery, David Nolan Gallery, Washbum Gallery, McKee Gallery, and Neil Mercer Gallery.

How do you buy things in Neopet galleries?

You can't buy from a gallery. You can copy the items name and search for it using the shop wizard but a gallery is used to display items.

What year did Australian national gallery open?

The National Gallery of Australia opened in 1982. The new part of the National Gallery building (a new entrance, and new Indigenous galleries) opened 1 October 2010.

How much is Public Liability Insurance for a art gallery?

The cost of Public Liability Insurance for an art gallery depends on the size of the art gallery and the value of the artwork inside of it. Also, the location of the gallery will also determine the cost.

When does movie gallery close on Tuesday?

There are many different Movie Galleries please be specific of which one your talking about.

What galleries did Claude Monet exhibited at?

In his lifetime he exhibited his paintings at the Paris gallery of Paul Durand-Ruel.

What are some art gallery websites?

websites such as art logic and instant shift can provide lists of some of the better art gallery websites on the internet. Mendel art gallery is one of the better art galleries mentioned.

What is the name of London modern art gallery?

The two most well-known modern art galleries in London are the Tate Modern, on the south bank of the Thames, and the Saatchi gallery.

Where can one purchase canvas paintings in Houston?

Canvas paintings can be purchased from all good art dealers and galleries. Check the local listings to find galleries in the Houston area, such as Rice Gallery.

Where can one find photography galleries in Houston?

One can find photography galleries at many places in Houston. The Houston Center for Photography is one such place. The Gallery M Squared is another such place.