What insurance do you need to pierce ears?

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Contact a good agent, they will be able to assist you with what coverages/protection you need.
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What kind of insurance is needed for body piercing?

Answer . Buy a piercing-specific policy. Assuming you have a store, it will cover inventory, lost wages, etc.. You can't buy a policy for body piercing unless you have several years of verifiable experiance, then you still will not be able to purchase malpractice insurance.

How do you pierce ears?

Answer . It is best to get a professional to do your ears for tworeasons: To keep infection at bay and also you don't miss theperfect spot for the hole and end up with more than one hole inyour ear that is in the wrong spot even for another smallerearring. . Hygiene is super important when punctur ( Full Answer )

How do you pierce your ear?

How to get your ear pierced professionally You should not pierce your ear by yourself... or else it will hurt a lot more and you will be risking infection. You should go to your local pharmacy, doctor or piercing parlor and they will pierce it with an earring gun or sterile needle. It does not hu ( Full Answer )

How do you get your ears pierced?

you go to a store like clairs or the icing and ask may i please get my ears pierced then you pick out a pair they use a gun and press it the earring goes through then you have to keep them in for 6 weeks while cleaning them out with achol You go to Walmart or Claire's or a store similar that does ea ( Full Answer )

Do you need an ear piercing license in Georgia?

it depends on what kind of ear piercings you'll be doing. if you'll be working at like...a wal-mart, claire's or something like that, they'll ususally give you some sort of training in-store with the piercing gun (which is really not good for piercing AT ALL). but if you'll be using hollow need ( Full Answer )

How are ears pierced?

Well first of all if you have had your ears pierced already then at first they will check if the scar tissue in your ears too hard to pierce again. . Next they will mark on your ear with a pen where they are going to pierce. . Then they will rub some cleaning stuff on your ear and then get the ( Full Answer )

How old do you need to be to pierce your ear?

you can be any age to have your ears pierced, a baby can have there ears pierced at 4 months old, but if you younger than 16 your parents do need to be with you... :)

How do you they pierced your ears?

Well they can use a piercing gun (not clean, not safe and generally used by someone who doesn't know what they are really doing) or by a professional body piercer in a licensed facility using a sterilized single use body piercing needle and sterilized equipment and jewellery.

How do you make earrings for pierced ears?

First you need your supplies. You can get these at any craft or hobby store, such as Michael's Jo-Ann's Fabrics, etc. You need round-nose pliers, needle-nose pliers, headpins eyepins, beads, and ear wires. Make sure that the beads are large enough to fit on the pin. Then, string you beads on the wi ( Full Answer )

I want to get my ears pierced but know only a little about getting ears pierced i need to know all about it can you tell me about it all about it?

\n. \n. \nLOL! I am laughing not because of your question, but not 2 weeks ago I was crazy searching the web to see if it hurt. It was crazy! People kept saying 'Depends on your pain tolerance'. Heck, How was I supposed to know my pain tolerance? First before I tell you if it hurt, I'll tell you w ( Full Answer )

If you are having a laporoscopy would i need my ear piercing and nose piercing out?

That is a discussion you would need to have with your surgeon and doctor prior to the procedure General policy is to have all jewellery removed prior to any surgical procedure regardless of the nature of the procedure This is a means of combating the chances of a secondary infection due to bacteria ( Full Answer )

How do you get your ear pierced?

go to a shop and they'll pierce your ears for you to do it your self its a bit more painful buy a pair of ear rings and push them through the scin. (make sure you have ice be hind your ear) !

Where can you pierce your ear?

pretty much everywhere claire's, i think ardenes or even at home with an apple if i were u i wudnt do it at home unless u have got a proffessional ear piercer with u doing it for you. incase you do it wrong. if u do it wrong then u cud really damage ur ears

Where on your ear can you pierce?

Pretty much anywhere. http://z.about.com/d/tattoo/1/0/w/Kpiercingpics8.jpg This is a good picture to show a lot of different possibilities.

Where to get your ears pierced?

any tattoo shop normally has a side business of piercing. you can also find proper piercing shops. just make sure no where you go to uses a gun.

How many carats need to be in your earrings when you get your ears pierced?

When you first get them pierced you want small earrings until they heal completely. Even then they can tear out. I had a second piercing for 4-5 years and one ear is now gone because it tore out. If you want to wear a real diamond get a nice one. Too big and they look so phony and fake.

Do you need a license to do ear piercings in Pennsylvania?

To conduct any form of service on the human body you require a business license and a health inspection. To get the most up to date information for your area contact you local health protection office or city hall business licensing department.

Do you need an ear piercing license in ca?

Licensing is required for any and all businesses, licensing and health inspections are required for all businesses proving a service to the human body. This includes body piercing, ear piercing, tattooing as these are classified as personal services. Contact your local business licensing department ( Full Answer )

Do you need to stretch ear piercings to wear a ball-closure ring?

It depends on how thick the earring is you were pierced with (and the gauge of the ball-closure ring you want to put in it). When I got pieced back in 1993, they were still using HUGE thick studs (ugh, and now i just sHuDDER to think of mall piercings and piercing guns, and how evil and unsafe th ( Full Answer )

Where do you get your ears pierced when you get them pierced?

well some tatoo shops do it, and in my opinion give more information. If you dont know where to find one I got mine done at the mall Some Doctor's offices will do ear piercings, that is where my daughter had her's done. It will be the most sterile and safest.

How do you pierce your ears with an earring?

Sorry, you cant. An earring is alot different then if you were using a needle which is sharper compared to an earring which is very dull. Using a needle, you would have to re-pierce the hole over the years or so. And earring have a chemical that could possibly get into the blood from your ear. Using ( Full Answer )

When can you pierce your ears?

Whenever your parents allow it and whenever you are old enough to clean them yourself, change them yourself, deal with infections, and deal with the pain of getting your ears pierced.

Do you need a license to pierce ears?

No, you don't. All of those chicks in Claire's that use guns to pierce ears only have to read a book that takes about 15 mins to complete. Shows how experienced they are. If you visit the Association of Professional Piercers'(APP) website they have an entire section on how to become licensed with th ( Full Answer )

Can you pierce your ear with a ear ring?

Technically you can it is just not the smartest thing because it will most likely lead to disease and get infected and then you will have to go to the doctors and get it checked out. I suggest not actually doing it and leave to people who do it for a living.

Where to not get your ears pierced?

claires is not a good place becuz the earings there are very cheep and the people who pierce ur ears normally arn't very good at it

What do you need to pierce your ear at home?

A sharp sewing needle, lighter, peroxide, and a high quality (sterling silver or gold) earring. DON'T use a safety pin. Heat the needle in the flame of the lighter then clean thoroughly with peroxide. You may want to mark your ear where you're going to put the hole (I use a sharpie for this) then cl ( Full Answer )

What if you have a ball in your ear after a ear piercing?

The piercing probably pierced something it wasn't supposed to. Or, you took it out too early. Happened to me too. It could just be scar tissue. If you're really worried about it, go ask your doctor. your piercer might not know what went wrong

What size needle and barbell do i need to do it yourself industrial ear piercing industrial piercing?

don't do it you could really hurt yourself and get infected just go to a shop were they will pierce it right everyones skin types are different some people say that it hurts really bad and some people say that it doesn't hurt at all it depends on your skin type but please don't pierce it at home no ( Full Answer )

What earrings should you get your ears pierced with?

You don't get your ears pierced with earrings. You have them pierced by a needle and then the hole is filled with an earring. There are gold stud earrings which are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

How long do you need to keep your top ear piercing in before you can change it?

six weeks, think I changed mine at like five week though didn't make any difference ad my top ear piercing was quite painful for about a year never hardly wered it has the ear was sore after a day of wearing it and it is not a comftable piercing to fall asleep I as it digs In, if my top ear piercing ( Full Answer )