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Liability insurance

Talk to any insurance agent, but I would think any business liability insurance would cover you. Actually, the owner's insurance would probably cover any liability to someone you hit with his car, and if he has full coverage, his damage too. However, that company will probably try to recover its payout from you. Try this site where you can compare quotes from different companies: USAINSURANCEQUOTES.NET

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What type of interest are needed in Cosmetology?

To do other peoples hair and and wax their facial hair.

Does home insurance cover other peoples property in your home?

Yes, in most homeowners insurance cases, the property of a visitor is covered. Also, it can cover any injuries that a visitor suffers.

How much does reality tv pay for insurance?

It's doubtful they purchase any insurance other than the standard workers comp needed for employees.

What are analogies for Golgi apparatus?

The post office of the cell, the Golgi apparatus packages proteins and other molecules. Then the Golgi deliver them to where they are needed.

Why should someone get more than just house insurance when owning a home with property?

House insurance covers only damage to the actual house and contents. Additional insurance may be needed for outbuildings and other structures, such as fences. Liability insurance may also be needed in case somebody gets hurt on the property.

If someone hits your car and you have no insurance will their insurance cover your car if they were totally at fault?

Yes. All registered drivers are required to hold liability insurance, which means that if they cause an accident, their insurance will pay for damages to the other peoples' cars. So, if the person does hold the required insurance, and is entirely at fault, your damages will be covered.

Had a collision other party fault can the ins co ask you to pay deductible?

If you had a collision and the other party does not have insurance, you would have to pay the deductible. Your insurance company would pay for any needed repairs.

You do not own a car can you get a policy to drive other peoples cars?

You do not need your own policy. In most states you are covered by the car owners insurance policy.

What does the liability portion of auto insurance cover?

Caution Laymans Answer! Basically Liability is to cover damage done to outher people and other peoples property.

please define guaranteed acceptance life insurance?

This term means that you are guaranteed accepted for this insurance as long as you are able to keep the payments. There are no health questions are tests that needed to be done as with other standard life insurance.

Is a contractor's license needed to do repairs on other people's homes?

I would have to say yes because of Insurance issues.

Why can't the individual cell of a multicellular organism live on their own?

Because they are dependent on other cells for their survival, such as erythrocytes to deliver the oxygen and food needed.

What companies provide business liability insurance?

Nationwide does offer general liability insurance as well as business liability insurance. Geico and many other insurance companies also offer liability insurance, it just might take a bit of sifting through to make sure they have what is needed.

When was Other Peoples Music created?

Other Peoples Music was created on 2003-10-03.

What does the Carphone Warehouse located in UK manufature?

The Carphone Warehouse manufactures and deliver mobile phones. The company also deals in other technology services such as insurance and tech support.

Greeks differ from other ancient peoples?

Greeks better insure to be differed for other ancient peoples

Can you get insurance for significant other?

You can get insurance for your significant other. You need to let the insurance company know, and they will add your significant other to your insurance. There might be additional costs.

Pokemon firered code catch other peoples Pokemon?

not only can you not capture other peoples Pokemon, you will throw away a poke ball for nothing!you can only trade for other peoples Pokemon

How do you access public homeowner insurance records?

There is no such thing as public homeowner insurance records. Peoples insurance information is just like any other business and privacy forms are signed explaining that only certain information is shared and only for particular circumstances. There is an insurance organization whereby claims and payment information is organized and available between insurance companies. The organization is called CLUE and make information available on automobile and homeowners insurance as well as other types of insurance. This lets insurance companies properly evaluate applicants for insurance and to give those with good records better rates than those with bad records.

What type of car insurance is needed for a Saab?

The reason SAAB vehicles need different insurance is due to the fact that they are not very common in the United States. In order to find insurance for an SAAB vehicle a person may need to contact different insurance companies or search through other retailers.

How do you catch other peoples' s?

do you mean catch other peoples' pokemon? you can't.... not even with with a masterball!!!!

Other than breakdown insurance what else does More Than offer?

Other than breakdown insurance, More Than offers a wide variety of other insurances such as life insurance, car insurance, property insurance and home and pet insurance.

What sort of insurance is needed for a party held in one's own home?

Special Event Insurance is available if one feels that there may be a possibility of damage done to one's home or that something may be lost when one has a party or other event there. Companies that offer this type of insurance are The Event Helper, Kand Kin Insurance and Fun Pro Insurance.

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peoples rights in cuba is they give each other bjs

What is the same about Mycenaeans and Minoans?

They were both early Greek peoples who were taken over by invaders from other Greek peoples and from the Sea peoples.

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