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Which of the following insergent eWhich of the following insergent elements provide strategic direction to the insurgencylements provide strategic direction to the insurgency

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Q: What insurgency element provide strategic direct the insurgency?
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Subversion in insurgency refers to using covert tactics to undermine the established government or authority. It involves activities such as propaganda, espionage, sabotage, and fostering dissent among the population to weaken the ruling regime's control and legitimacy. Subversion is a key strategy used by insurgents to achieve their objectives without engaging in direct confrontation.

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Are you asking about Unconventional Warfare? That is the official term stated by the DOD for US military operations that fall along the lines of "insurgency". The majority of the time, these operations are carried out by US Army Special Forces or MARSOC teams. Occasionally, SEAL teams will do these as well, but their primary focus is direct action and special reconnaissance.

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