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Asperin by Felix Hoffmann Pocket watch by Peter Henlein Letterpress printing by Johannes Gutenberg Bicycle by Karl Friedrich von Drais Theory of relativity by Albert Einstein X rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Combustion engine by Rudolf Diesel Television by Manfred von Ardenne Toothpaste by Ottm. Heinsius v. Mayenburg Telephone by Philipp Reis MP3 technology by Karlheinz Brandenburg Electromagnetic theory of light and electromagnetic waves by Heinrich Hertz Bacillus anthracis, tuberculosis bacillus, and the vibrio cholera by Robert Koch Automobile and internal-combustion engines by Gottlieb Daimler Computer by Konrad Zuse Coffee filter by Melitta Bentz Gliding flights by Otto Lilienthal Civilian avion by Hugo Junkers Aspirin by Felix Hoffmann Beer by Herzog Wilhelm IV von Bayern Chip card by Jürgen Dethloff and Helmut Gröttrup Currywurst by Herta Heuwer Fischer dowel by Artur Fischer Jet engine by Hans von Ohain Dynamo by Werner von Siemens Light bulb by Heinrich Göbel Homeopathy by Samuel Hahnemann Helicopter by Heinrich Focke Jeans by Levi Strauss Nuclear fission by Otto Hahn Mouth organ by Christian Buschmann Periodic Table of the chemical elements by Julius Lothar Meyer Record player by Emil Berliner Scanner by Rudolf Hell Tramway by Werner von Siemens Tee bag by Adolf Rambold Thermos flask Reinhold Burger Audiotape by Fritz Pfleumer Vacuum by Otto Guericke Starting ignition plug by Robert Bosch

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Q: What inventions has Germany created?
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