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Q: What involves scientific ideas that affect your life?
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How did humanists study and ideas affect Renaissance life?

humanists' stuies and ideas affect Renaissance life by affected people's thinking about social standing.

How is scientific notation used in daily life?

It usually isn't. Scientific notation is used for very large and very small numbers, that are not normally used in your daily life. Unless your "daily life" involves work in science or engineering.

The scientific inquiry model involves the presentation of real life scientific studies or A invitiations to enquiries B functional invitations C simulations D synectics Which is the correct answer?

ask the teacher ask the teacher

How do new scientific discoveries affect your every day life?

New discoveries affect our lives in that; we have more stuff that helps us do our daily activities faster and more efficiently. New discoveries also affect employment because they use machines to replace human employment.

How do the ideas in the Dectaration of Independence affect your life?

HI HI HI hi hi how r u i like pie =D

What is the Name of plant scientist?

Botanist that is the name of a plant scientist

How do puritans ideas continue to affect life in US?

I think it was because part of our country's system of public education was modeled after puritan schools

How drama affect life as Filipinos?

it involves more deeply to our emotion and sometimes we didn't know that we are commenting to what it is all about... some, continuously watching or reading in accordance to drama 'coz they can relate and overcome it in real life...

Where do the fray get there ideas from?

Real Life Events.... and ideas they have......

How do people affect the world?

In the scientific sense, we destroy it and act as parasites, sapping its resources. In the historical sense, we cause wars, and ruin each other's life.

What is a science corner?

Science corner is a place in the classrooms where scientific information are being pasted. Information can be from the past and from the present situation of the world. It involves invention, life of living beings, our earth, scientists and their discovery.

Where does Laurence Yep get his ideas?

If you mean ideas for books, it's from his life. A lot of his books are based on his life.