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and darkness was.............

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Q: What is 'Et Tenebrae facta est' when translated from Latin to English?
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What is 'Nulla inquisicio recte facta est in civitate Londoniarum' when translated from Latin to English?

No inquest has been correctly held in the city of London

What does lux facta est in Les Miserables mean?

Lux facta est in Les Miserables translates to "light has been made" in English. It is a Latin phrase often used in reference to a moment of illumination or clarity in the story. In Les Miserables, it signifies a turning point where truth is revealed and understanding is gained.

What is the English translation of facta non verba?

facti non verbae? both should be nominative plural, i think...

When was Facta Loquuntur created?

Facta Loquuntur was created in 1996.

When did Luigi Facta die?

Luigi Facta died on 1930-11-05.

When was Luigi Facta born?

Luigi Facta was born on 1861-11-16.

What does facta non dicta mean?

Deeds not Words!

What is Whitley Academy's motto?

The motto of Whitley Academy is 'Facta non verba'.

What is Teesside University's motto?

The motto of Teesside University is 'Facta non verba'.

What is Star of the Sea College's motto?

The motto of Star of the Sea College is 'Facta Non Verba'.

What is the motto of The Fort Garry Horse?

The Fort Garry Horse's motto is 'Facta non verba'.

What is facto non verba?

"Deeds, not words", although the correct spelling is Facta non verba.