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Portala sopra! in Italian means "Carry her upward!" in English.

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Q: What is 'Portala sopra' when translated from Italian to English?
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What is 'above average' when translated from English to Italian?

"Above average" in English is sopra la media in Italian.

What is 'Can I have a friend over' when translated from English to Italian?

Posso avere un amico sopra?

What is 'Fedeltà sopra ogni altra cosa' when translated from Italian to English?

"Fidelity over every other thing" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Fedeltà sopra ogni altra cosa. The feminine singular noun, preposition, feminine/masculine adjective, and feminine singular adjective and noun also translate into English as "Fidelity over everything else." The pronunciation will be "FEY-del-TA SO-pra O-nyee AL-tra KO-sa" in Italian.

What is 'Rock on' when translated from English to Italian?

In Italian a translation is essere allegro. Always remember that depending on the context of your sentences, the translation can vary. There may also be slang terminology if you were to travel to Italy. Keep in mind that online translators may not always be correct, they are a reflection of the exact words you have typed in.

What does 'Tre Metri Sopra Il Cielo' mean translated into English?

The term means 'You and I 3 meters above the sky' when translated into English. This is a french term and is probably used for showing love and affection.

How do you say Game Over in Italian?

it's gioco sopra

How do you say over the water in Italian?

Sull'acqua Bathroom? sopra il water

What is 'angel' when translated from English to Italian in the feminine?

Angelo custode is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "guardian angel." The pronunciation of the masculine singular noun and adjective -- which by word order translate as "angel custodian" -- will be "AN-djey-lo koo-STO-dey" in Italian.

What is 'tops' when translated from English to Italian?

Capi per il sopra, cime, and in gamba are Italian equivalents of the English word "tops." The first-mentioned masculine prepositional phrase, the second-mentioned feminine plural noun, and the third-mentioned feminine singular prepositional phrase respectively refer to clothing tops (such as bikinis, blouses, halters, shirts), physical tops (such as of mountains), and personal bests (with the literally meaning "in [the] leg" in this case). The respective pronunciation will be "KA-pea pey-reel SO-pra," "TCHE-mey," and "een GAM-ba" in Italian.

What language does soprano come from?

From Italian meaning 'the highest singing voice' from 'sopra' meaning above. Supra also exists in Latin

What is the population of Osio Sopra?

The population of Osio Sopra is 4,650.

What is Sopra Group's population?

The population of Sopra Group is 31.