What is 'journey' in Latin?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Iter is a Latin equivalent of 'journey'. It's a neuter gender noun. In classical and liturgical Latin, it's pronounced 'ee-tehr'.

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Q: What is 'journey' in Latin?
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How do you say spirit journey in Latin?


What is the Latin translation for the word journey in Latin?

iter, itineris, neuterTo travel - facere iter

What does the latin root portare mean?

The Latin root "portare" means "to carry" or "to bring." This root is commonly found in words relating to transportation and movement, such as "portable" and "transport."

What is the name of the narrative written by Che Guevara as an account of his journey to Latin America?

The Motorcycle Diaries

What is the Latin phrase for 'hopeful journey'?

The Latin equivalent of the English phrase 'hopeful journey' is the following: iter cum spe. The word 'iter' means 'going, walk, way'; 'journey, march'; 'permission to march, right of way'; 'road, way'; 'course, method, way'. The word 'cum' means 'with'; and 'spei' means 'expectation'; 'hope'; 'anticipation, fear, foreboding'.

What is Latin for sailor?

Viator is the Latin word for "traveler."

How do you say have a good trip in Latin?

You could say "Habe iter jucundum!" (literally: "Have a pleasant trip/journey!")

What is Latin for May?

The Latin equivalent for the English word 'March', in the sense of the month, is the following: Martius. It's pronounced as MAHR-tee-oos. The Latin equivalent for the English word 'march', in the sense of 'journey', is as follows: iter. It's pronunced as EE-tehr.

What is the story behind the word Chimerical?

There really isn't a story behind the word chimerical. It comes from chimera which comes from the Latin word chimaera. The Latin word chimaera is derived from the Ancient Greek word khimaira which means she-goat.

What does the Latin phrase 'viam' mean?

The English meaning of the Latin word 'viam' is a way. Literally, the word means 'a highway, road or street'. By extension the word may take on the meanings of 'any passage' such as the gullet or the windpipe; a 'course, journey, march'; or 'means, method, way'.

What is the origin of the Italian word giorni?

Giorni is the plural of giorno, Italian for day. From the Latin diurnalis daily; from dies, day; from Indo-European *deiw- to shine. See Journey and Journal.

Is it A mangoes journey or A mango's journey?

It is a mango's journey