What is 'of' when translated from English to Italian?

"Of" in English is di in Italian.

Di is an Italian equivalent of the English word "of." It may be found in the above-mentioned form or in combination - the equivalent of "of the" -- since Italian employs definite articles ("the") where English does not and merges a preposition and its noun's definite article into one word: dell' before a singular noun whose spelling begins with a vowel, della in the singular and delle in the plural before feminine nouns whose spelling does not begin with a vowel, dello in the singular and dei (or degli when the initial consonant is either s -- followed by another consonant -- or z) in the plural before masculine nouns whose spelling does not begin with a vowel. The respective pronunciation will be "dee" alone, "dell" before vowels, "DEL-la" and "DEL-ley" in the feminine, and "DEL-lo," "DEH-ee" and "DEY-lyee" in the plural in Italian.