What is 'under' in Dutch?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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'under' is in Dutch 'onder'

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Q: What is 'under' in Dutch?
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What year did the Dutch rise?

The Dutch haven't risen: They are still living under sea level.

Is Paramaribo in Suriname or in Dutch Guinea?

Paramaribo is in both Suriname and Dutch Guiana (not Dutch Guinea). It's the capital and largest city in the Republic of Suriname. Before independence, Suriname was a Dutch colony, and an English colony before that. Under the English, the country was called Surinam and Willoughbyland. Under the Dutch, it was called Dutch Guiana.Dutch Guinea is an old name for West Papua, Indonesia.

How do you pronounce hello and welcome in dutch?

'Hello and welcome' is in Dutch 'Hallo en welkom'. If you click on the link (under the related link sections) and click on the speaker under the Dutch translation, you'll hear someone pronouncing it.

How do you say 18 in Dutch?

Eightteen is in Dutch 'achttien'. When you click on the link, you should click on the speaker button under the Dutch translation and then you can hear the word being pronounced.

Did the dutch colony of new netherland enjoy prosperity and peace under the policies of the dutch west India company?


The name of Indonesia back in the 1900?

under Dutch administration, the official name is: Dutch East Indies (in English) Hindia Belanda (in Indonesian) Nederland Oost-Indie (in Dutch)

How do you pronounce huis in Dutch?

It's hard to pronounce Dutch words and too hard to write it down so that you understand how you should say it, if you don't know how to pronounce Dutch letters. But if you click on the link (under the related links section) and then click on the speaker under the Dutch word 'huis' you can hear how you should pronounce it.

How do you say 25 in Dutch?

'twenty-five' is in Dutch 'vijf-en-twintig'. 5 = vijf and 20 = twintig. When you use the link under the related links section, you have to click on the speaker icon under the Dutch translation. Then you'll hear it pronounced. It's not perfect, but you'll get an idea how the Dutch pronounce 'vijf-en-twintig'.

How much of the dutch territory in under sea level?

10,000 metres

Who controlled the New York colony when it came under England's rule?

The Dutch

New Netherland grew very slowly when it was under the control of whom?


Who was the dutch scientist who first saw microorganisms under a microscope?

denise lance