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What is 'Mickey Mouse' when translated from English to Chinese and Italian?


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"Mickey Mouse" in English is Mĭlăoshŭ (米老鼠) in Chinese and Topolino in Italian.
In Italy the character known as Mickey Mouse is styled Topolino- capitalized. Literally this means Little Mouse, do not confuse with Topo Gigio- little Luigi ( Louis) Mouse, the Ed Sullivan puppet character. I have no idea of the Chinese equivalent. in German a simple adaptation to Teutonic usage- and we have Micky-Maus.

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"Mickey Mouse" in English is Topolino in Italian.

"Long live Mickey Mouse!" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Viva Topolino! The interjection and masculine proper name translate literally into English as "Long live little mouse!" The pronunciation will be "VEE-va TO-po-LEE-no" in Italian.

mickey mouse in Italian is just "topolino" which if you translate it back to english it literally means little mouse

the italian word is Topolino. the chinese word is 米老鼠 (mǐ lǎo shǔ) or 米奇 (mǐ qí)

Topolino is an Italian equivalent of 'Mickey Mouse'. The word in Italian is pronounced 'toh-poh-LEE-noh'. It's a masculine gender noun that literally means 'small mouse'.In Chinese it is called 米老鼠 (Mi Lao Shu).

Topolino is an Italian equivalent of the English name "Mickey Mouse."Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. As a common noun that is not capitalized, it means "little mouse." The pronunciation is "TOH-poh-LEE-noh."

in italian you say "topolino" but you also say mickey mouse.

The Italian name for Mickey Mouse is Topolino.

Mickey Mouse in Chinese is 米老鼠 (mǐ lǎo shǔ), we also call it 米奇 (mǐ qí) for Mickey.

MIckey Mouse in chinese is 米老鼠(mi3 lao3 shu3).mi lau shu..Cheers, BlackBoxXxhttp://chineseculture.about.com/library/symbol/blcc_mickeymouse.htm

Other than Mickey Mouse, his name has been translated into several languages. Some examples include:Germany - Micky MausItaly - TopolinoPortugal - Rato MickeySpain - Ratón Mickey

Myszka Mickey Mouse is literally translated while Mickey, since it is a international name, is not. However they pounce, and sometimes spell it as 'Miky' because of the Polish pronunciation to writing style.

The Italian is Topolino ("little mouse"). Dunno about China.

Micky Mouse written in Chinese is 米老鼠. It's pinyin or it's pronunciation is 'mi lao shu'.

chingchoe renweo 米老鼠(mi3 lao3 shu3)

Language & Name Croatian: Miki Maus Czech: Mickey Mouse or Myšák Mickey or Mickey Danish: Mickey Mouse Dutch: Mickey Mouse Esperanto: Micjo Muso Estonian: Miki Hiir Finnish: Mikki Hiiri French: Mickey Mouse German: Micky Maus Hungarian: Miki Egér Icelandic: Mikki Mús Indonesian: Miki Tikus Italian: Topolino Lithuanian: Peliukas Mikis Norwegian: Mikke Mus Polish: myszka Miki Portuguese: Rato Mickey Spanish: Ratón Mickey Swedish: Musse Pigg Slovenian: Miki Miška Turkish: Miki Fare hope this helps!

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