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Ristorante di lusso is an Italian equivalent of 'fancy restaurant'. The phrase is pronounced 'ree-stoh-RAHN-tay Dee LOOS-soh'. The masculine gender noun 'ristorante' means 'restaurant'. The preposition 'di' means 'of'. The masculine gender noun 'lusso' means 'luxury'.

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How do you say fancy in German?

schick is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

How much a fancy restaurant makes a year?

The amount of money that fancy restaurants make per year depend on how many people eat at the restaurant. The cleanliness and friendliness of the restaurant and staff will affect the amount of money a restaurant makes.

What is 'Si on allait en ville' when translated from French to English?

what if we're going to town? / fancy a trip in town?

What does fancy mean?

The adjective fancy means decorative, extravagant, or detailed, as in 'a fancy dress' or ' a fancy restaurant.'The colloquial verb 'to fancy' means to like or prefer, as in: "I really fancy those red apples!"

What does Je suis doux sur vous mean in English?

Literally translated it means "I am soft on you". Colloquially it would mean "I am sweet on you" or "I fancy you"

Is a suit a good idea to wear on a date to a fancy restaurant ?

Absolutely! Getting dressed up for a dinner adds class and elegance to an event such as going to a fancy restaurant.

What restaurant hiring for sixteen year old?

any fastfood restaurant, anything that isn't fancy.

Does Selena like cheese?

Yep! she and Justin Beiber where seen eating "Just English Chedder Cheese" at a fancy restaurant for JB's b-day!

How do you use tantalizing a sentence?

The gourmet steak at the fancy restaurant was tantalizing.

What does dining mean?

dining is when u go to a restaurant to eat fancy

What are the release dates for Regular Show - 2010 Fancy Restaurant 3-31?

Regular Show - 2010 Fancy Restaurant 3-31 was released on: USA: 16 July 2012

When should you wear formal clothes?

Whenever you go to a funeral, fancy restaurant, Broadway show, graduation or somewhere you think is fancy!! ;)

What actors and actresses appeared in Fancy Girl - 2002?

The cast of Fancy Girl - 2002 includes: Susan Crozzoli as Restaurant Patron Beth Jamison as Waitress Beth Lein as Annie Ali Morgan as Restaurant Patron Valentina Ruiz as Landlord Tony Rumore as Restaurant Patron Karen Walsh as Restaurant Patron Dianne Zaremba as Restaurant Patron

Is a poodle a type of dog?

No, it's a type of dessert you eat at a fancy restaurant.

What is a romantic spot to take a loved one?

The Olive Garden! Or some other fancy restaruant Answer A romantic restaurant (there are lots of Italian ones), a walk on the beach together, a picnic outdoors in a nice park near a lake.

What is 'fancy' when translated from English to Italian?

Capriccio, decorata or decorate, decorato or decorati, fantasia, fantasticare su or piacere a are Italian equivalents of the English word "fancy." Context makes clear whether "whim" (case 1), "adorned" (examples 2 and 3 for singular or plural feminine-gendered items, 4 and 5 for singular or plural masculine-gendered objects), "imagination" (instance 6), "to imagine" (option 7) or "to like" (sample 8) suits. The respective pronunciations will be "ka-PREET-tcho," "DEY-ko-RA-ta," "DEY-ko-RA-tey," "DEY-ko-RA-to," "DEY-ko-RA-tee," "FAN-ta-ZEE-a," "fan-TA-stee-KA-rey soo" and "pya-TCHEY-rey a" in Pisan Italian.

What is 'moon shine' when translated from English to Italian?

Chiaro di luna is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "moon shine." The masculine singular noun, preposition, and feminine singular noun translate into English literally as "clear of (the) moon" and loosely as "moonlight." The pronunciation will be "KYA-ro dee LOO-na" in Italian.Fantasia is a second equivalent. The feminine singular noun references -- presumably moon-influenced -- "fancy" or "fantasy." The pronunciation will be "FAN-ta-SEE-a" in Italian.Liquore di contrabbando is a third equivalent. The masculine singular prepositional phrase refers to "alcohol" or "liquor" which is contraband (and therefore probably made during moonlit hours). The pronunciation will be "lee-KWO-rey dee KON0trab-BAN-do" in Italian.

What are the release dates for Dan Vs- - 2011 Dan Vs- The Fancy Restaurant 1-17?

Dan Vs- - 2011 Dan Vs- The Fancy Restaurant 1-17 was released on: USA: 21 May 2011

What should be worn to a nice restaurant?

For a female: Wear a dress but not too fancy (a simple white dress with a pattern). Also wear a jacket over top (like a denim jacket) and wear flats. If it's a really fancy restaurant then wear heels.

What are the most common jobs in France?

The most common job in France is a job as a fancy waiter or waitress. They normally work in a fancy restaurant or cafe. Hope this helps.

What does sine qua non mean?

Sine qua non is a Latin phrase. Translated literally, it would be "without which not". A more idiomatic translation might be : "(that) without which it (can) not (be)."In English, it is used often as a quasi-noun. Examples: Water is a sine qua non to life. A tuxedo is a sine qua non to getting into a fancy restaurant.It is often used in the sense of "most essential requirement"

In a fine dining restaurant is food served on the right or left?

A fine dining restaurant is a fancy and procedural place to eat. When serving in a fine dining restaurant, the food is served on the left and cleared on the right.

How can I romance my wife?

Take her to a fancy restaurant and then afterwards allow her to come up with her perfect fantasy and play it on you!

What is a chef de salle?

Chef de Salle is just a fancy French title for the headwaiter at a restaurant.

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