What is .ace?

What is ACE

ACE is a national charitable organization that is defining the path of champions by teaching and igniting young Canadians to create brighter futures for themselves and their communities. Working in partnership with business and higher education, ACE delivers experience-based programming that allows university and college students to move beyond the traditional path of post-secondary education. These students are challenged to address real world business and economic issues in their own entrepreneurial ventures and in their communities.

ACE currently delivers two programs on over 50 university and college campuses across Canada with the involvement of over 1,700 student leaders and student entrepreneurs.

Our "team" based program empowers students to create economic opportunity in their communities by teaching others about market economics, entrepreneurship, success skills, financial literacy and business ethics. Teams do this by implementing community focused and entrepreneurial based projects that have a notable impact on the target audience involved.

ACE is the official operator of the SIFE program in Canada. SIFE is a global organization that is literally changing the world through highly dedicated student teams on more than 1,800 college and university campuses in over 40 countries.

Our "individual" based program provides a vital service to full-time university and college students, who also operate a business. Through programming and competition, ACE creates a platform for these young entrepreneurs to network with like-minded students, showcase their business on a regional and national stage to top executives and leading entrepreneurs, receive relevant training and leverage valuable mentorship opportunities to accelerate the growth of their business.

Both programs have the aspect of competition involved as SIFE teams and Student Entrepreneurs gather regionally and nationally each year to showcase the community focused projects and/or the entrepreneurial ventures they are operating while attending university or college full time. The SIFE National Champion is named the "Most Enterprising Campus in Canada". They then move on to represent Canada at the global level of competition, the SIFE World Cup. The Student Entrepreneur National Champion is named the "Student Entrepreneur of the Year", taking home the CIBC Cup and a $10,000 cash prize. This individual then moves on to represent Canada at the Global Student Entrepreneur awards.

It is the meaningful connections that ACE creates between business, academic and student leaders around a shared cause. By doing this ACE fills a gap in the current Canadian post secondary education system, allowing students to apply their in-class learning in an entrepreneurial manner, gaining hands on experience for their future endeavours as intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.