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1100 cet/ 1200 cest

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Q: What is 1000 GMT in Norway?
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What is the time difference between Norway and Arizona?

Norway is at GMT +1 hour Arizona is at GMT -7 hours Arizona is 8 hours behind Norway

What is the time zone in Norway?

Norway's Time Zone is GMT + 1

Is Norway 1 hour behind the UK or 1 hour in front?

1 hour in front. UK is on GMT +0, and Norway on GMT +1.

How many hours difference between Norway and England?

Norway is in the GMT+1 timezone while England is in the GMT timezone meaning there is a one hour difference between them. Note that both countries observe daylight savings and move forward one hour. During these months, Norway is in GMT+2 while England is in GMT+1.

What is 1000 GMT in EST?

1000h gmt = 0500h est

What is the time difference between Jamaica and Norway?

Jamaica (-5 GMT) is 7 hours behind Norway (+1/+2 GMT) during the summer (up until October 25), otherwise 6 hours.

If its 4pm in Alaska what time is it in Norway?

Alaska is in the AKDT (GMT-9) time zone while Norway is in CEST (GMT+1). Both zones observe daylight savings. There is a ten hour time difference so 4pm in Alaska is 2am (the following day) in Norway.

What is 4 pm EST in Norway?

4 PM EST [+6 hours] = 10 PM in Norway. The standard time zone for Oslo, Norway is UTC/GMT +1 hours and EST is UTC/GMT -5 hours (not adjusted for daylight savings time).

What time will it be in Oslo Norway 3 hours from now?

Norway is in the GMT +1 time zone.

If it is 5 EST what is it in GMT?

5 AM EST = GMT 10 AM (or 1000 hours) 5 PM EST = GMT 10 PM (or 2200 hours)

How many doctors per 1000 people in Norway?

how many docters per 1000 people are there in norway

When did Olaf I of Norway die?

Olaf I of Norway died in 1000.

What is 0000 gmt in est time?

0000 GMT = 1900 American EST = 1000 Australian EST

Time difference in Philippines and Oslo Norway?

I think Philippines is GMT +8 hours?Norway is GMT +1 hour (winter) or GTM +2 hours (summer, daylight savings time).That would mean 6-7 hours time difference; 9:00 in Norway is 15:00 or 16:00 in Philippines.See related link.

How many hours are Norway ahead and behind Britain?

In general Norway is one hour ahead of UK, except for an occasional glitch with an uncoordinated change from GMT to BST or vice versa.

What time is 1500 GMT in US Eastern time right now?

1500 GMT= 1000 EST= 1100 EDThw

Which cities are ahead and before Greenwich time?

Typically countries in the western hemisphere with negative longitude values will be behind Greenwich time and those in the eastern hemisphere with positive longitude values will be ahead of Greenwich time. For example, Oslo Norway which is east of Greenwich is one hour ahead of GMT (GMT +1) and the Azores (GMT -1) which is west of Greenwich is one hour behind GMT.

When did Leif Erikson leave from Norway?

Around the year 1000.

How was Norway formed?

The Norwegian Constitution is the 17. May. 1814. From 1660 to 1814 Norway were in union with Denmark. From 1814 until 1905 Norway was in union with Sweden. But all back to the vikings at about 1000 Norway were also an autonomous country.

In what year did leif eriksson go to Norway?

Around the year 1000.

When did Leif Ericson go to Europe?

He went to Norway around the year 1000.

What was the birth rate of Norway in 2009?

10.90 (births per 1000 persons)...

What time is 1500 UK time in EST?

1500 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is 1000 EST1500 British Summer Time (BST) is 0900 EST

How many dollars is 1000 pesos?

According to, 1000 Mexican Pesos is equal to 77.70 US Dollars. The exchange rate is 1 Dollar to 12.8692 Pesos as of August 14th at about 8am GMT.

When it's 12.00 CET what time is in Norway?

In IST the time will be 16:30. IST is +5:30 GMT and CET is +1 GMT. Hence there is a difference of 4 hours and 30 mins between the two time zones. The CET time is behind the IST time; hence the above provided result.