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The 1993 5 coin proof set sells for about $7.

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If your proof set has 9 coins it is worth $15. If it has 5 state quarters it is worth $9. If it is a regular silver proof set it is worth $144.

A normal 1991 S proof set is worth $9. A 1991 S proof prestige set is worth $51.

A 2004-S annual proof set is worth: $70-$80.

lucky you. that proof set is worth almost $400. no joke.

A 1973-S proof set is worth from $12 to $15.00.

There were two proof sets issued in 1987. The regular proof set is worth $11.00. The 'Prestige' proof set which included the 'Constitution Dollar' is worth $45.00.

June 27 2011>> It is worth $30.

silver proof set is worth more money so buy one

Average retail price of a 1974 Proof set is $8.00

As of 10/2009 a 1972 proof set is worth: $8.00 - $9.00.

A Proof set is $8.00 & a Mint set is $5.00

June 27 2011>> It is worth $16.

A 1963 uncirculated mint set is worth...$50.................A 1963 Proof set is worth about $30

Proof sets were not made in 1965, but a 1965 special mint set is worth $12.00 USD.

An annual 1974-S Proof Set is presently worth: $ 8.00 - $11.00.

A 2008-S annual proof set is worth: $25 -$35.00.

There were four types of United States Mint Proof Sets produced in 1992. The normal 1992-S Proof Set is worth approximately $6-$8. The Prestige set (with Olympic half and dollar) is worth approximately $70-$90. The regular Silver set is worth approximately $10-$15. The Silver Premier Set is worth approximately $10-$16.

June 28 2011>> It is worth $70.

June 27 2011>> It is worth $60.

June 27 2011>> It is worth $16.

June 27 2011>> It is worth $350.

Currently is worth about $7.00.

If it's a Proof set about $12.00,A Mint set about $8.00

August 21, 2009 The 1983 no "S" dime proof set has a value of $1000.

Issue price for a 1980 Proof set was $10.00. Current retail value is $6.00.

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