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What is 33 and one third percent as a fraction and decimal?

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33 1/3%:

= 0.3333 as a decimal

= 3/9 or 1/3 as a fraction

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What is thirty three and one third percent in decimal and fraction form?

As a decimal: 33.33333 As an improper fraction: 100/3 As a mixed number: 33 1/3

What does convert mean in math fraction and percent and decimal?

Starting with one of fraction, percent or decimal, find an equivalent value in one of the other ways of expressing numbers.

Is 40 percent greater then the fraction one third?

40% is greater than 1/3 which is 33% to two decimal places

What fraction and decimal is the equivalent to 10 percent?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, ten percent is equal to 0.1.Expressed as a vulgar fraction in its lowest terms, ten percent is equal to 1/10, or one tenth.

One third is equal to what decimal?

One third is equal to 0.33 decimal. One third is a fraction that is derived at dividing a whole number into three equal parts.

What is one-third as a decimal and a percent?

0.33 in decimal 33.33% in percentage

How do you write half of one percent as a percent?

No you write it as a fraction as a fraction =1/2 as a decimal =0.5 as a percentage = 50%

What is 25 percent as a decimal and fraction?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 25 percent is equal to 0.25. Expressed as a vulgar fraction in its lowest terms, 25 percent is equal to 1/4, or one quarter.

What is the equivalent fraction of 33 one third?

33 and one third percent= two sixth.

What is fourteen over one third as a decimal?

First of all "fourteen over one third" is not possible because one third is already a fraction, and you cannot have a fraction over a fraction, and Second, because it is impossible, you cannot make it into a decimal. If the problem was worded differently, the answer would be much easier to find.

What is one third as a fraction?

1/3 is already expressed as a fraction - as a decimal, it is 0.3 recurring (that is, 0.33333...)

What is 7.99 percent as a fraction?

Divide per cent by one hundred to get a decimal 7.99 percent = 0.0799 as a fraction 0.0799 is 799/1000

What is 33 and one half percent as a fraction?

In fraction form, the number is 67/200. The decimal number is 0.335.

What is five percent expressed as a fraction?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, five percent is equal to 0.05. Expressed as a vulgar fraction in its simplest form, five percent is equal to 1/20, or one twentieth.

What does one and one half equal?

Decimal: 1.5 Fraction: 3/2 Percent: 150%

13.3333 percent is the same thing as what fraction?

Assuming you wish for the digit 3 after the decimal point to go on forever, 13.3 recurring is equal to 13 and one third.

What is the differences between a fraction decimal and a percent?

percent is a number under 100 that symbolizes a value under one, where a decimal can be to symbolize another number than one as well

What percent is one third?

One third is equivalent to the decimal 0.33333 repeating. To put the decimal into percentage form, you move the decimal place two places to the right; so you are left with 33.333 %

What is one fifth of three?

As a decimal: 0.6 As a fraction: 3/5 As a percent: 60%

What is one ninth of a percent as a fraction?

1/9%:= (1 ÷ 9) %=0.11%= 0.0011 in decimal= 11/10000 in fraction

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