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Usually used as a floppy drive interface.

Also the TRS-80 Model 3 used this connector for its printer connector.
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Q: What is 34 pin IDC Edge Connector used for?
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What is DB-25 pin connector used for.?

This is a connector used in serial and parallel ports.

What is DB 25 pin connector used for?

This is a connector used in serial and parallel ports.

Which device would use a 25-pin connector a 50-pin connector a 68-pin connector an 80-pin connector?


Which type of connector should be used to connect to an atx motherboard?

20- pin connector

How do you hook up 6 pin trailer connector to a 7 blade connector on a Ford super duty?

I got a 7 pin connector with harness and used the color code and put it to 6 pin green to left etc

What type of connector can be used to connect an eSATA interface to an external SATA drive?

7-pin connector

Which sort of power connector does floppy disk drive typically used?

4-Pin Berg connector

I have 3 connectors on the back of my Plymouth voyager radio 2 7 pin connector plugs and 1 2 pin connector what is the 2 pin connector for?

The 2 pin conecter is for computer communication

Which physical connector type is used for a serial V 35 connection to the CSU DSU?

Winchester 15 pin connector

What is Floppy disk connector?

it is a 34 pin connector

Where do you connector the red edge of 40-pin ribbon cable to an IDE hard drive?

The red edge of a 40-pin ribbon cable is connected to pin one on the IDE hard drive. If you fail to do so correctly, it may result in the hard drive being completely unable to communicate with your system.

Why was the 25-pin SCSI connector developed?

In an attempt to trim the size of the connector, a 25-pin SCSI connector was designed for narrow SCSI.