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The answer is 310.15 K (approx.). The Kelvin scale starts at absolute zero and is used in scientific laboratories. Celsius is for general use and set 0 and 100 as melting and boiling point of water respectively. To convert from C to K, add 273.15 to C.

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310 degrees kelvin

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Q: What is 37 Celsius degrees to Kelvin Scale?
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What is 37 degrees celsius to in kelvin?

37 degrees Celsius is 310.15 Kelvin.

What is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit in celsius and kelvin temps?

98.6 degrees Fahrenheit = 37 degrees Celsius or 310.15 kelvin.

What is normal body temperature in degrees CELSIUS and Fahrenheit?

Kelvin is the SI unit for temperature. Celsius is usually used in metric systems. 0 degree celsius is 273.15 Kelvin. Kelvin increases equally with celsius. So to convert celsius to kelvin, we just add 273.15 to celsius. The answer in Kelvin is 310.15

In what temperature scale is normal body temperature 310 degrees?

If the normal body temperature on the temperature scale is 310, this means the temperature scale is using Kelvin. To convert Celsius to Kelvin you just need to add 37 and the normal body temperature is 273 Celsius.

What is the normal human body temperature 98.6 degrees farenheit.on the celsius scale?

normal human body temperature 36.8±0.7 degrees celsius scale

How many degrees is 37 degrrees Fahrenheit?

37 degrees Fahrenheit is equivalent to 2.7 degrees Celsius and 275.9 Kelvin.

What is the normal body temperature 37 celsius on Rankine scale?

37 degrees Celsius = 558.27 degrees Rankine.

How do you solve the 37 degree celsius in kelvin?

Use this equation to convert Celsius/Centigrade to degrees Kelvin: [K] = [°C] + 273.15

What is the body temperature on the celsius temperature scale?

Add 273 to Celsius to get Kelvin. 273 + 37 = 310 K

On what scale is the average body temperature 37 celcious?

On Celsius-scale 37 °C is 37 degrees centigrade (metric scale) There is NO average!

What is 37.0 degree celsius on the Fahrenheit scale?

37 degrees Celsius = 98.6 Fahrenheit.

What the normal body temperature for both celsius and Fahrenheit?

The normal temperature of the body is: - on Celsius scale: 36,5 0C - on Fahrenheit scale: 97,7 0F