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What is 66stage?


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03/05/2009 is a website that holds a huge "links" library of movies, tv shows, anime, and other entertaining videos from other websites like megavideo, veoh ect... the adds are pretty harmless if you dont click on them but the site is pretty real and its free so in conclusion is a free site that links you to pretty much almost any movie you can think of including just released movies and its updated like everyday so everyday dead links are removed and new ones are added.. i just dont know like i have found several links of some movies that are not listed on the site and it would be cool if there was like a way to add links that people find to make the library bigger anyone knows?

i hope this answers your question.

anyone saying this site is illegal go in the site and read the script that is in the bottom most part of the page :)

---------------------- 66stage has been dead for a while lol i guess it was good while it lasted