What is 8.3 on a inch ruler?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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The answer depends on the measurement units used for 8.3

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What is 8.3 on a inch ruler?

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Q: What is 8.3 on a inch ruler?
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What fractional parts are on a six inch ruler?

inch ruler

What is the difference between an inch ruler and a centimeter ruler?

an inch ruler is 2.5cm and a cm is the same but smaller.....saichona

How big is .39 on a ruler?

That depends on the ruler. If you refer to a 1 foot ruler, divided in inches and sub-inch divisions, then 0.39 inch is a more than a quarter inch, and less than a half inch.

Where On a ruler where would five eights of an inch be?

Five eighths of an inch on a ruler would be located between the half-inch mark and the three-quarter inch mark.

What does .39 inch look like on a ruler?

where is .39 on a ruler

What can you measure in an inch?

with a ruler

Describe how to use a ruler to measure to the nearest inch?

It depends on your ruler and what units are on your ruler. To measure to the nearest inch just find the inch measurement and round up or down to get to the nearest inch in your measurement is between two whole numbers.

How many thousands of an inch are there in .83 inches?

830 thousandths of an inch

What is longer five eighths inch or half inch?

get a ruler

How you use a ruler and measure it to the nearest inch?

if your question is explain how to use a ruler to measure to the nearest inch the answer would have to see what inch is the object your measuring to closest to

How high is three-eighths of an inch and how do I find it on a ruler is it below one eighth of an inch or where is it on a standard ruler?


How many whole inches are on a ruler?

Depends on the length of the ruler A 6 inch ruler would show 6 whole inches A 12 inch ruler would show 12 whole inches.