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ADHD has been named differently over time. In the early 1970s, it was known as hyperkinesis (from the Latin word for "superactive"). In the 1980s, it was called Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD. The term ADD (without the symptom of hyperactivity in the title) was used because hyperactivity is often, but not always, found with the disorder. Children who have the disorder without hyperactivity still struggle with impulsivity and inattention, but have more normal activity levels. However, since most people with ADHD have the symptom of hyperactivity, in 1987 the official name changed to and remains ADHD. There are varying types of ADHD. Children with ADD/ADHD can have difficulties at home, at school, and in relationships with friends and other children their age. ADD/ADHD has also been shown to have long-term adverse effects on school performance, career or job success, and social-emotional development. Because children with ADD/ADHD are not able to sit still and pay attention in school, they may have disciplinary problems, and they can be viewed as troublemakers by teachers and other students. They experience peer rejection and show a broad range of disruptive behaviors. Their academic and social problems can have far-reaching and long-term effects. These children have higher injury rates. As they grow older, children with untreated ADD/ADHD, in combination with conduct disorders, are at risk for drug abuse, antisocial behavior, and injuries of all sorts. Up to 70% of children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD will continue to have symptoms into adulthood. [The ADD information above is based on source material from the National Institute on Mental Health entitled "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - Questions and Answers," published in March 2000.]

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Q: What is ADD and how is it different from ADHD?
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What is different about ADD and ADHD medications?

ADD and ADHD are the same disorder. ADD (attention-deficit disorder) is a depreciated term previously referring to ADHD without the hyperactive component. It is now known as ADHD predominately inattentive. The same medications are used to treat ADD and ADHD.

Can you have both ADD and ADHD?

No ADD and ADHD are different in most ways. ADD stands for Attention Ddeficit Disorder and ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. People with ADD are calmer or quieter then people with ADHD. The brainwaves are different too. ADD peoples brainwaves are slow and go from high to low points but ADHD peoples brainwaves are fast and low points making them hyperactive.


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Is add and ADHD the same thing?

ADHD is ADD but with Hyper added.

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Is there a difference between add and ADHD?

ADHD is associated with hyperactivity. ADD is only associated with attention deficit.

What percentage of people have ADD?

five percent of teens are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD five percent of teens are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

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What is addreall for?

adderal is for add or adhd

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people with ADHD or ADD.... not retards who think they have add or adhd just because they are lazy. ADD IS REAL. but too many people think they have it when they do not. LONG LIVE THE KING WITH ADHD

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