What is AIML for programming?

Updated: 12/3/2022
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Q: What is AIML for programming?
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When was AIML created?

AIML was created on 2001-08-03.

Where does one get a AIML sex-bot?

There is something called Virtualfem at They claim that theirs has something like 140,000 categories in AIML and that you can load any AIML files into it's directory and it will assimilate the data.

Why AI uses AIML instead of XML?

AIML actually is XML. XML is a meta-language, used to create new languages. AIML is a language created using the XML standard built specifically to aid in the create of AI.

What does AIML stand for?

Artificial Intelligence Markup Language.=From Bex <3 =D xxx=

What is significance of 21st annual session of muslim league?

quaid e azam became the permanent president of AIML

Who is charlix?

charlix is a desktop assistant based in AIML from the implementation of Dr. Richard S. Wallace's A.L.I.C.E. system. source :

What kind of programming is on Unimas?

UniMas is a television network that offers viewers different types of sports programming, talk and reality show programming and acquired programming. There are references online to former programming, upcoming programming and current programming for UniMas.

Why programming is called programming?

Programming is the way to define how a system works, code to make it function as needed. Programming is involved in almost all computer applications. Aneways, its not very apt to ask why programming is called programming.

Is XML a programming language?

It is programming languages that are referred to in terms of "high level" and "low level".Extensible Markup Language(XML) is a markup language not a programming language, it is a data formatting specification that makes the presentation of data independent of programs (so that data can be passed between programs).For this reason the answer to your question is "neither".

What is the present tense of programming?

...Programming. Past, I programmed. Present, I program or I am programming. Future, I will program.

In programming data read by programming is called?

Pascal language is used to read the programming data.

Is Programming a language?

No, but of course there is a programmers' slang. And programming is done with so-called 'programming languages'.