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What is Action Replay?

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Action Replay is the brand name of a series of devices created by Datel, primarily used for changing the behavior of Video Games. Currently, Action Replay is available for the Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo DS, Wii and PlayStation Portable.

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Is there a 2008 Action Replay?

Their is no 2008 Action Replay. Action Replays are only for once certain console. If you wanted a GBA Action Replay buy the GBA Action Replay. DS Action Replay get the DS Action Replay.

Which is better Action Replay or Action Replay max duo?

Action Replay max

Pokemon Diamond ans Pearl How do you put in?

you need action replay or gameshark but action replay is better you need action replay or gameshark but action replay is better you need action replay

Why does action replay work on the dsi?

Action replay ds doesn't work on the DSi, but action replay dsi does. Action replay dsi pretends to be The Game & watch collection, then when you open it, it's action replay. Nintendo would stop action replay from opening, if it found out that it was relay action replay.

How do you find Action Replay page?

You find action replay pages by searching action replay.

How do you get the action replay in pokemon daimond?

to get action replay you need to have an action replay ds unfortunatly u need to buy an action replay ds

How much is an Action Replay in EBgames?

the action replay is 24.99. the action replay is $24.99 (well if people r going to i will) the action replay is 24.99

How do you cheat to get lots of rare candy in soulsilver?

"""""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay

What are some Action Replay questions for Emerald Version of Pokemon?

Some common questions for Action Replay are: Where can I buy an Action Replay? How do I use an Action replay? What items and Pokemon can I get off of an Action Replay? Should I use and Action Replay or a Gameshark? Is it easy to use an Action Replay? Do I have to enter in long codes for an Action Replay to give me what I want like I have to on a Codebreaker?

What is the difference between Action Replay and Action Replay Max?

Action Replay Max is for the dsi and Action Replay is for the ds and the ds lite. They both carry cheat codes. Action Replay will not work for the dsi.

What is the difference between action replay ds max and action replay ds?

Action Replay Max has more codes and has a gameboy gameshark or action replay.

Do you have to have action replay ds 2009 to get Pokemon platinum on action replay?

NO FREAKING WAY! You just go to the action replay manager and update your action replay.

How can you download action replay cheats onto utimate action replay for Pokemon?

you can't. the codes for action replay are diffent form utimate action replay

Can you use action replay codes on your gamecube without action replay?

No, you need action replay for gamecube.

How To Get An Action Replay?

i got my action replay at walmart

How do you get to Nintendogs action replay?

You have to buy an action replay.

How do you add cheats to action replay?

Install the Action Replay software on your PCRun the Action Replay ProgramConnect your Action Replay to your PC via USBDownload a new cheats file and add it to your Action Replay.

Does action replay work on a dsi?

Action Replay for DS does not work on a DSi, but there is an Action Replay DSi which does work on them.

Can you still enter action replay codes without having a action replay?

No. You need an action replay or gameshark.

Do you need an action replay to enter codes?

You need an action replay to enter action replay codes, yes.

How do you upgrade a action replay dsi?

go to the action replay site and connect your action replay and click on upgrade.

How do i get the azure flute without using an action replay code?

you cant get it without action replay take a look on eBay for action replay I got my action replay for cristmas.

To use action replay codes do you have to have an action replay device?

yes you do or you can not use action replay why do you think there called action replay codes you disgrace to the smartness pf Earth!!!

Action replay codes that work without Action Replay?

Sorry, it's impossible to use Action Replay Codes without in Action Replay. If there was what would be the point of selling them?

What does the disc do on the action replay dsi?

You install the Action Replay Manager on your computer with it. You can use the Action Replay Manger in order to update your Action Replay with the newest game codes.