What is Advantages and Disadvantages of SDLC model?

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May 26, 2009 7:09PM

SDLC models Advantages & disadvantages Advantages of Waterfall Model

1. Clear project objectives.

2. Stable project requirements.

3. Progress of system is measurable.

4. Strict sign-off requirements. Disadvantages of Waterfall Model

1. Time consuming

2. Never backward (Traditional)

3. Little room for iteration

4. Difficulty responding to changes Advantages of Spiral Model

1. Avoidance of Risk is enhanced.

2. Strong approval and documentation control.

3. Implementation has priority over functionality.

4. Additional Functionality can be added at a later date. Disadvantages of Spiral Model

1. Highly customized limiting re-usability

2. Applied differently for each application

3. Risk of not meeting budget or schedule

4. Possibility to end up implemented as the Waterfall framework Advantages of Prototype model

1. Strong Dialogue between users and developers

2. Missing functionality can be identified easily

3. Confusing or difficult functions can be identified

4. Requirements validation, Quick implementation of, incomplete, but

functional, application

5. May generate specifications for a production application

6. Environment to resolve unclear objectives

7. Encourages innovation and flexible designs Disadvantages of Prototype model

1. Contract may be awarded without rigorous evaluation of Prototype

2. Identifying non-functional elements difficult to document

3. Incomplete application may cause application not to be used as the

full system was designed

4. Incomplete or inadequate problem analysis

5. Client may be unknowledgeable

6. Approval process and requirement is not strict

7. Requirements may frequently change significantly