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What is Adventure quest?


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It's the main game of AQ Worlds, Dragonfable, Mechquest, blah blah blah blah.........

Adventure Quest is a game that lots of people love. Some thinks it's a rip off, that's OK, all you need to know is that it's fun! Play it on and have fun.

By nameblablabla.(That's why I went like blah blah blah blah.........)

An online rpg game that was made by Atrix Etertainment in 2002. Its abbreviation is often AQ. It updates weekly and was originally to be called Land of Rising Evil. They named the world that you are on LORE which is a reference to its old title. The game is filled with puns,jokes and refrences.

and you can kill hillary Clinton on there it is the best >play it<.

theres sumthing called being a guardian which just means that u can get better weapons, pets, armour, extra potions and access 2 all areas of guardian tower but u gotta pay 4 it. 1 payment of $19.95. it sux.