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Africa as a whole is a continent that comprises of many countries. But the sugested economy practice by most africans is a socialist economy.

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What best describes Kenya's economy?

kenya has one of africas worst performing economies

What are Africas customs?

africas customs are africas customs

How do the political issues in Africa affect africas economy?

The political problems reduce foreign investment

South Africa has a developed economy do you agree or not?

Yes, because South Africa is Africas most developed country.

What is a major problem with Africas export economy?

raw materials earn less profit than finished goods

What is Africas second longest river?

Africas second longest river is the congo.

What type of economy does Saudi Arabia have?

The type of economy Saudi Arabia has is a command economy.

Which type economy does the US have?

The US has an open economy. This type of economy has a capitalist nature.

What type of economy does Turkey have?

It has a market economy. BUT IT WAS a command economy

What type of economy does Jordan?

a type of economy that is very sincitiv in a matter of time

What type of economy did Jefferson want?

Jefferson wanted an agricultural type of economy.

What type of economy products do Italy have?

Italy's economy is a market economy

What type of Economy does Russia have currently?

Command Economy & MARKET ECONOMY

What is argentina's economy type?

The economy is a free enterprise market economy.

What 2 type of economy does Canada have?

Mixed economy and market economy

What type of economy is the Indian economy?

A market based (capitalist) economy.

What type of economy does Lithuania have?

The type of economy that Lithuania has is mixed. It is in a transition stage as it is still transitioning away from its old economy.

What type of economy is a corporation?

A corporation is not a type of economy. A corporation is a business structure that is present in capitalism, a free market economy.

What type of economy is a market economy?

a economy where people decide what to make and who to sell it to.

What type of economy does azerbaijan have?

azerbaijan has an economy based on farming. its is a farmacuitical economy.

What type of economy does the united states have-?

The economy of the United States is a mixed economy.

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