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Her stardoll username is RC_Alesha From Stardoll staff

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Does Logan browning have a stardoll?

Yes she does and the user name for it is Logan_Browning. Answered by Callie from Stardoll

What is Joey King's Stardoll User name?

Joey King's Stardoll account is "JoeyLittleKing"

What is Ashley Tisdales stardoll user name?

Mrs.AshTisdaleand Vanessa Hudgens is:Real.Vanessa.H.

Who is Selenas Stepsister?

Angel gomez Sumpter. she is on Stardoll too her user name is ( realNnoo )

How do you change your username on Stardoll?

Unless your user name is rude, demeaning, racist etc, you can not change your user name. If it is, you will get reported and told to change your user name because it is inappropriate, it happened to me. I was Ineedahotboyf, now I am corbycutiemwahx

Do you he to pay for stardoll?

No, you do not have to pay to be a normal user of Stardoll, but if you want to be a Superstar you have to pay for that.

Who is cutiegirl001 on stardoll?

A user . That is her nickname.

What is Demi Lovato's Stardoll User Name?

Demi Lovato's real stardoll account is Demi.Devonne. All the other meber who claim to be Demi are posers.WikiAnswers

How do you get 1sd DKNY on stardoll?

send your password and user name to belinda_diva123 on Stardoll and she will not hack you she just wants to give loads of 1sd and free DKNY away

What if it doesn't say your user id on stardoll?

It should always say your user id- if not then there may be a glitch in stardoll or you need to reload your page.

Who is Guille-Cami on Stardoll?

Guille-Cami is a Stardoll user that joined Stardoll World February 15, 2010.

Is their a stardoll site which give you superstar for free?

Yes. Just email Denisse54 with your user name and password and when you do, the glitch will take you to a website where you can get unlimited Stardoll superstar codes!

Who was the first one to make a stardoll?

bullerulle is the third person who made stardoll bullerulle is a GUY his user id is 3 mine is 52460050 so i'm the 52460050th person to make stardollhere's the link to his profile http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=3Vist me my name on stardoll is Prettymunira11 http://www.stardoll.com/member/Prettymunira11prettymunira11

Why won't Stardoll load?

you will have to type it in on google search and then press the first option and type in your user name.

How doi get on the stardoll you were on yesterday?

Go on your computer's search history, and find the doll's name and suite you were looking for. Or, if you already remember the doll's username, search it in the stardoll user search. Other than that, I can't help you. -nikkiiGOESrawr on stardoll

Who created stardoll?

Callie doesn't own stardoll, she writes for the magazines. Liisa wrang [ A famous artist ] drew dolls and decided to make a website called paperdollheaven.com. Then she got a bigger company and changed her websites name to Stardoll.com. . she has a daughter and her user name on stardoll is rihon (:

Does Paris Jackson have A stardoll?

Her user name is crazyflowergril she has a new one and she is a superstar i have alot of proof she is nice 2

What is the name of the first ever stardoll account?

stardoll.com/en/user/?id=1 ^^ Callie Stardoll. The user id number is your stardoll number indicating which member number you were. Check it out, you could be suprised at the number you have!! If you need any extra help my stardoll username is iswim19. Feel free to guestbook me or ask me any questions! My stardoll account is FashionPolice78 and my id number is 93432715 meaning that I am the 93432715th member! My stardoll nickname is: BaRbIe.GiRl...- <-- so add me! My ID no. is: 134832771

Who is stardoll Barbie?

The real Stardoll Barbie is User: Barbiedress123 She is a stardoll Model and is married to User: AraCool on stardoll She is a 14 year old dancer in life and on stardoll, is one of the best Top Model and she also owns a magazine! Her top model is none other than DiamondQueen90 AKA Stardoll's Lady Gaga

Who is the ugliest medoll on stardoll?

Lots of people on stardoll purposely make their medoll look ugly. There is one girl I know who is 100% ugly and thinks of it as a fashion trend. The user name is punkkuma902

Money cheats on stardoll?

send your user name and password to stardollcheats.dollars@yahoo.co.uk and in your account the very next hour you will have 1100 stardollars

How do you rate a suite on stardoll?

you type in someones user and then you rate her or his suit

What is Selena gomez's starndoll user name?

if you mean stardoll i dont belive she has one but if she gets one it should just be Selena Gomez

How do you get on to tipeing in a gift code for stardoll?

If you can get me a gift code i will tell you my user name is hannah_da_man on stardoll! and this isn't a scam because I'm letting you report abuse to me if i don't tell you Ansd tell xxcoolgalxx EX superstar

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