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It is not an exact comparison between sizes, as it is a little bit more complicated that that.

However for the US adult;

  • Male: 9 = 42 Eur
  • Female: 9 = 40 -> 41 Eur
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UK size 9 = 41

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Q: What is American size 9 in German shoe?
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What is size 9 American shoe equal to Philippines shoe?

What is the asian size for size 9 for womens nikes

What American shoe size is European 39.5?

The closest you can get to a 39.5 would be a European size 40, which is a a size 9 American Shoe Size.

What is size 9 American?

Your shoe size in America. my shoe size is 7.5 in America and 255 in japan. it differs with shoe size if you are talking about shoes and not saying the words,"size nine", in the American language.

What is the average shoe size for American men?

The average shoe size for American men is 10.5 US Mens.

What American shoe size is European size 43?

9 for male 10 for female

What does a man's size 9 shoe equal in a woman's size?

To convert american shoe sizes add 2 to the man's size to get the woman's size. Thus men's 9 is women's 11.

What is a size shoe for woman if the shoe size is 7.5 for men?

A 7.5 in men's shoes- American sizes, = a 8.5 to 9 in women's.

What british shoe size is American shoe size 11?

For women, about an 8.5. For men, about a 10.5.

What American shoe size is Mexico shoe size 27?

well, there is no such thing as 28.5 Mexico, but there is japan, you would be a size (depending on if your men or womens) 10 1/2 mens and a 12 womens

What is a size 9 in Australia equal to in American women's shoe size?

shoe sizes - European shoe size - American shoe sizes - international shoe sizes - British shoe sizes conversion tables for American, Australian, British, Canadian, European, Japanese, Mexican, New Zealand, Inches, Centimetres, Mondopoint metric shoe sizes. Answer: 10-1/2

What is Cole Sprouse size shoe?

ANSWER January 2009: size 9 USA

What size shoe is Cody Simpson?

he wears a size 9 (: