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The population of Amrep Corporation is 2,008.

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Q: What is Amrep Corporation's population?
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What is the population of Amrep Corporation?

The population of Amrep Corporation is 2,115.

When was Amrep Corporation created?

Amrep Corporation was created in 1961.

When was Amrep Xmas created?

Amrep Xmas was created in 1997.

What is the symbol for AMREP Corporation in the NYSE?

The symbol for AMREP Corporation in the NYSE is: AXR.

What is the market cap for AMREP Corporation AXR?

As of July 2014, the market cap for AMREP Corporation (AXR) is $49,956,059.34.

Where can you find a sample floor plan of an AMREP home called the Onyx?

Gallina floorplan

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the bureau of corporations had the authority to investigate corporations and issue reports on their activities

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Which is an advantage of corporations over strong partnerships?

Corporations can last longer. Corporations have limited liability.

What has the author Patricia J O'Brien written?

Patricia J. O'Brien has written: 'Population policy, economic development, and multinational corporations in Latin America' -- subject(s): Economic aspects, International business enterprises, Population, Population policy

Why are agreement corporations called agreement corporations?

Agreement corporations are so named because they must agree to conform to activities permitted to Edge Act corporations.

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