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Q: What is Assassins Creed 3 liberations going to be rated?
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What is assassins creed rated?

both assassins creed 1 & 2 are rated MA15+

What rating is assassins creed revelations going to be?

It's safe to say that assassins creed: revelations is rated M for mature (age17+)

What is assassins creed 3 going to be rated?

M like the rest of them

What age rating is assassins creed 3?

it is going to be rated M for Mature

What is assassins creed revelations rated?


What is assassins creed 4 rated?

Mature or 18+

Is there a rated T Assassins Creed game for Wii?


What age is Assassins Creed brotherhood rated?


Is assassins creed 12?

No, it is rated by PEGI as a game for 18 and above.

Is assassins creed appropriate?

no cause its rated m so no but i enjoy it

Why is the first Assassins Creed rated m?

rated m for mature,man,men,or massive

Is Assassins Creed bloodhound a 12?

There is no Assassin's Creed: Bloodhound. You might mean Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines, for PSP, which is rated 15.

What is the rating for Assassin's Creed III?

Assassins Creed III is rated MA 15+ and it is the best game ever.

Is Assassins Creed 2 a 15?

No. According to the PEGI official website, Assassin's Creed 2 is rated as 18.

Will they make a rated t assassins creed?

no. all the games are rated m and they cuss alot in the game

Why is assassins creed bloodlines rated mature?

Because of blood and violence it should be rated T though

Why is Assassins Creed brotherhood m?

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is a rated M game for only two but important reasons. Blood and violence. Though, without violence, it would not be rated: M, and without blood, the violence would not be realistic.

Why is Assassins Creed rated M?

blood intense violence strong language sexual content

Why is assassins creed reve lation rated m?

Blood and gore, language and sexual content.

Is assassin's creed revelations rated M for sexual content?

No of course not. Surprisingly it is the only assassins creed with ezio that doesn't have sexual content.

Is assassins creed 2 mature rated?

Yes, it is M. I think it is: Blood, Gore, Intense Violence.

What is the age rating for assassin's creed 2?

Assassins Creed 2 is rated at 15 although it can be rated higher in other countries.But the BBFC* rate it as 15. But Assassins Creedis rated as 16+ by the BBFC**.(but as long as someone over the rated age is paying for the product it doesn't matter!)* bbfc rate stuff for uk** ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

What rating did the ESRB give Assassins Creed?

The very popular action and adventure role playing game Assassins Creed has been rated M. for Mature by ESRB. They have since released Assassins Creed: Liberation and it is a action and adventure role playing game similar to the other games of this series, it also is rated M. for Mature but has the slight twist of the main character being a female spy.

What assassins creed 3 will be rated?

Although the rating is pending there is little doubt it will carry an M rating in the USA

Is there swearing in Assassins Creed 1?

My guess would be yes because its rated M. And all the games after it do as well.