What is Aunt Flow?

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Menstrual Cycle

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Q: What is Aunt Flow?
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What is AF?


Who was not a relative of Samantha on bewitched?

Aunt Flow

What does the abbreviation AF stand for?

aunt flow or in text a friend =)

Is it out of place to call myself grand aunt?

If you are truly a great aunt then no, grand aunt is fine, but if the family persists on calling you 'great aunt' then go with the flow. Both great aunt and grand aunt mean the same thing, the sister of one's grandparent. Some communities prefer one and some prefer the other.

Will having a hot bath prevent you from starting your period?

It won't stop your monthly(+/-) regulatory schedule, but if you are in the mist of "Aunt Flow" and take a bath it will temporarily stop you from bleeding. Anytime you are in water it stops, but prepared... after you get out of the water "Aunt Flow" may be heavier than usual for a little bit.

How can you tell that your having a baby without the test?

Well first, you get bigger in size. Secondly, you skip the "Aunt Flow" train

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How are you related to your great aunt's aunt?

Your great aunt's aunt is your great great aunt.

What is your dad's sister's aunt to you?

If the dad's sister's aunt is also your dad's aunt, then your dad's aunt is your great aunt. However if she is not your dad's aunt, then she is your aunt's aunt and not necessarily related to you.

What is your aunt's aunt to you?

Great aunt.

Is your mothers aunt your great aunt or your grand aunt?

Your great aunt.

what are my husband's aunt to me?


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