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What is Australian Red Cross?

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Q: What is Australian Red Cross?
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Where is the Australian Red Cross based?

The Australian Red Cross is based in Carlton, Victoria.

Where is the Australian red cross headquarters?

See the link for the Australian Red Cross National and State Headquarters.

Aims for the Australian Red Cross?

what are some of the red cross aims

Where did the Australian red cross start?

The red cross started in 1863

What is the short name for Australian Red Cross?

Austered cross

Where does The Australian Red Cross get its funds from?


What are some emergency services offered by the Australian Red Cross?

The Australian Red Cross offers not only the traditional blood donations that comes with most Red Cross organisations but also organ donations and first aid responses.

What are some of the Australian red cross achievements?


When was the Australian red cross founded?

The Australian Red Cross was founded in 1914, nine days after the start of World War One, by Lady Helen Munro Ferguson.

What is the Australian red cross motto?

yellow with a bit of brown

Where is which colour in the Australian flag?

THe background of the australian flag is blue. The cross is red and white. The stars are white.

What is the red cross on the Australian flag called?

It's the Union Jack.

How long has Australian red cross been around?

since 1920

How does the Australian red cross raise money?

They raise money by going door to door asking for donations or hold events for red cross.

How is Australian Aid Delivered?

Australian aid is delivered to other countries through a number of organisations such as Australian Red Cross, Australian Volunteers International, and Austraining International

Which Australian cross is on the Australian flag?

The southern Cross

What are the colors of the Australian flag?

The Australian Flag is mainly blue, with six white stars, and a white rectangle on the top with a red cross and a red and blue X inside it. red,white,and blue

What is the Australian flag made of?

Union jack and the southern cross. Blue , white, red

How does the Australian Red Cross help the local community?

lolly pop play land Australia

How does the Australian red cross help?

by donating for those who live in poverty, or for those in crisis, etc.

What is the name of the red and white cross on the Australian flag?

St George's Cross, The Flag of England, which is part of the Union Jack (or the Flag of Great Britain)

What does the red and white cross in the corner on the Australian flag stand for?

It is the British Union flag - commonly referred to as the Union Jack.

How to join the red cross?

Contact the Red Cross in your area to join the Red Cross.

The symbol of the red cross organization is a cross colorded in which color?

red, that's why its called the red cross

What are the initials of red cross?

American Red Cross initials are ARC and International Red Cross is ICRC.