What is BTCC?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: What is BTCC?
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What does BTCC stand for in motorsport?


What is a 2009 airwaves BMW btcc driver and airwaves pro?

Rob Collard and Jonathan Adams are Airwaves BTCC drivers

Average cost to be an independent BTCC driver?

600 million dollars

How many championships did John Cleland win in the BTCC career?


What BMW model does johnny Adams drive in btcc?

BMW 320si E90

What is the theme tune to itv sport BTCC programme?

jessica by the allson brothers

How can you work in the BTCC?

get in touch with a team you want to work with, you have to be a really good engineer/mechanic and you have to know alot about their cars

Most successful vauxhall driver in btcc?

there's been lots of great drivers but i think its gonna b because future years Giovanni

How can you start racing ti work your way into the btcc you are passionate about cars and really want to speak to someone about this?

How can i start racing to work my way into the btcc I'm passionate about cars and really want to speak to someone about this please help you need to get in touch with a team you want to work with, and be really good at what you want to do with them, you have to know alot about what you want to do, be able to talk to alot of people and be really friendly.

Hi all I'm 24 and very keen to get into racing especially the btcc i know I'll probably have to start from the bottom but I'll stop at nothing until I'm there can anyone help?

you have to have lots of money, be a class driver and a racing license

How did european come to know Asia?

The European come to know Asia that it all started in Motor racing because now you see motorsports like the BTCC. This sport is different cars from different countries. Like Seat from Europe and Renault from Asia

How does a gearbox work?

A Tiptronic gearbox is slightly like a normal manual gearbox but with one difference. The gearbox lever can only go foreword (down a gear) or downward (up a gear). If you watch the BTCC or Le Mans in the GT1, 2 or 3 class, you will understand what I am talking about.