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The "basic concept" of Linux is a free and open-source Unix-like kernel.

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2008-12-17 08:18:41
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Q: What is Basic concept of Linux?
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Where can you get security for Linux?

Security is a concept, not an application. You get security in Linux by making the system secure.

Do you need to have a separate installer of visual basic for Linux and Macintosh?

There is no version of Visual Basic for Linux or Mac OS.

What topics are covered in the Linux support forums?

Some of the topics that are covered in the Linux support forums are installing Linux, general questions and answer about Linux, as well as basic configurations.

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Where can you download Linux for free at?

There are a variety of different Linux software downloads available for download. One can download basic Linux for free from sites such as Download Linux Free and Softonic.

Will Visual Basic programs work in Linux?

Windows programs, including those written in Visual Basic, do not run natively on Linux. Most Visual Basic programs should be usable if Wine is installed.

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What are the similarities between Linux and DOS?

1. Both have a command line. 2. Both can treat system devices as files (ex. "COM" or "/dev/ttyS0" can both be written to and copied from). 3. Both have the basic concept of a batch file, or shell script. Linux supports far more advanced scripts, though.

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