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It is used to make Aluminum products.

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What Is bauxite make for?

bauxite is made for mineral used to make aluminum.The Aluminium ore is known as Bauxite (Al2O3).

What is the difference between alumina hydrate and bauxite?

bauxite is used to make alumina

What rock is used to make aluminum?


What is the rock used to make aluminum?


What is a mineral used to make aluminum?


Mineral used to make aluminum?


Is bauxite used to make table salt?

No it is Halite.

What do you use bauxite for?

This is the base mineral that is used to make aluminum

What was bauxite used for in the past?

In the past, bauxite was used as an abrasive in soap pads and cleanser. Today bauxite ore is used to produce aluminum. It is also used in the production of cement but most of the bauxite mined is used for aluminum.

What were the natural resources used to make aluminum?

Bauxite is the ore used in aluninum manufacture.

How is Bauxite used?

to make aluminum, also aluminum oxide ceramics

What metal is bauxite used for?

Bauxite is aluminum ore.

What mineral is used to make aluminum?

bauxite is a mineral used for making aluminum and is mined in Jamaica

Why is bauxite used?

Bauxite is the natural ore from which aluminum is extracted.

What do Russians use bauxite for?

Bauxite is used in the production of aluminum

Is bauxite a fossil fuel?

No. Bauxite is a mineral. It can not be used for fuel.

What can bauxite be used in?

for making of aluminum bauxite was identified or discovered in 1821.

What is Bauxite or aluminum Ore used for?

Aluminum metal is made from Bauxite.

What is used to make aluminum?

IronTo make aluminum, you will need bauxite ore, from where alumina is extracted and processed to make aluminum.

Is bauxite a mixture a compound or element?

Bauxite ore is usually a mixture, but bauxite can also be used as a name of the compound Al2O3.

Why is bauxite a non renewable resource?

Because compared to the amount of Bauxite use we can not replace it in short period of time, we can make or find more Bauxite but not recover the amount we have lost, so it takes a long time too recover what we have used.

Silvery ductile metallic element found in bauxite?

The element that is commonly found in bauxite is aluminum. Aluminum is used to make foil for household use, as well as soda cans.

Is bauxite an ore of aluminium?

Yes. Bauxite is the most commonly used aluminum ore.

Why is bauxite used for the extraction of aluminum?

Bauxite contains easily treatable material to release Al2O3

What is the importance of bauxite?

Bauxite is the primary ore of aluminum, one of the the most commonly used metals.

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