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Q: What is Benzema's wife's and how many children do they have?
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How many children do Nicolas sarkozy have?

3 with 2 differnt wifes

How many wifes did Einstein have?

24 wifes

Is Robert plant gay?

no he isn't he has had wifes and he has and has children

How many wifes does Rafael correa have?

One, she is called anne malherbe, born in belgium. She and correa have 3 children.

Did King Tutankhamun have a wife or any children?

He id have a wife but not no children.[they died in the wifes stomack]

Who many wifes did King Tutankhamun have?

he had more then 20 wifes

Did shoshone have one wife or many wifes?

14 wifes

How many wifes did jean piaget have?

Jean Piaget had one wife, Valentine Châtenay, with whom he had three children.

How many wifes did William Dawes have?

William Dawes had two wifes.

Does husband share his wifes estate with the children?

wife dies, does husband inherit everything or does he share with their children

How many wifes?


Did phidias have any wifes or children?

I have no idea.Please tell me the answer.I need it for my homework. :-(