The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

What is Bilbo's rescue of the dwarves?

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Bilbo rescues the dwarves when they are trapped in the webs of the giant Spiders. He is able to avoid capture, then drives the spiders away, before cutting the dwarves free of the sticky strands.

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basically if he meets the dwarves in the dragon........ he agrees to help them

Rescues them from Trolls. The Dwarves get caught whilst trying to rescue their ponies

He kills lots of spiders and then he saves the dwarves the ens

Bilbo is in the Mirkwood with no food or water. The dwarves have been captured by the elves. He realizes there is only one exit from the palace where the dwarves are being held. He manages to get the dwarves out, but is unable to escape right away himself. When he does get away, he is chased.

There were enough barrels for the dwarves, but not one for him.

Which time? Bilbo helps out the Dwarves on several occasions, most notably in rescuing them from the spiders in Mirkwood and from the elven dungeons. He was also key in giving Gandalf time to escape which allowed him to rescue them from the goblins.

Bilbo stays invisible for weeks listening to conversations of the Wood-Elves. The king's first man<-? and a guard test some wine in the basement of the Wood-Elf compound. They fall asleep and Bilbo steals the guard's keys. Bilbo unlocks the cells of the dwarves and he puts them in empty tubs that the Wood-Elves were about to throw out through their river disposal system, (I can't quite remember what it was called), and the elves who throw out the tubs threw out the dwarves without even looking in them. Bilbo had one problem though, he wasn't in a tub, so he had to grab on to a barrel and float into the lake where the dwarves and Bilbo are accepted and fed and housed.

If Gandalf and the dwarves did not show up to rescue him, Bilbo Baggins had a plan to make his way through the tunnels to locate them. However, he is saved from that undertaking when he hears the dwarves and Gandalf talking.

Bilbo uses the ring to become invisible. He taunts the spiders until they chase his voice away from the dwarves. He doubled back and freed them.

Not when they first met him because they thought of him as weak. But after he starts earning their trust and respect yes they would try to rescue Bilbo.

That would be hard to say. He was alone and had only Sting. But he felt an obligation to at least try to rescue them.

Yes, Bilbo would (didn't he?). For he is a trustworthy burglar.

They were discussing all that had happened in the goblin tunnels, and debating what they were to do now. Gandalf was saying that they could not possibly go on without trying to rescue Bilbo, and the dwarves did not want to.

They had sent Biblo to investigate a nearby campsite which happened to have been occupied by trolls. Biblo got caught and eventually the dwarves came to rescue him. When they came they got captured by the trolls.

It was difficult, but he was able to do it using the ring. He taunted them and drew them away from the dwarves. Then he put on the ring and went back and freed the dwarves. He then drew the spiders away again to help them escape.

Bilbo's surname is Baggins.

Which book, which part? There could be several answers, you haven't provided enough info. The first thing that comes to mind are the eagles from the Hobbit ... but there's no way to tell without more info.Gandalf came to their rescue in Chapter 4 using "Glamdring the Foehammer."

Bilbo becomes very fierce when he kills the spider who was trying to capture him. This leads him to rescue the dwarves by killing many spiders and leading them away. He becomes the dwarves leader, and they follow.

Bilbo is the burglar of the group, and it is his job to go and investigate the scene.In regards to the central themes: heroism, wisdom and nobility we can add the complexities of a noble thief: is this an oxymoron? And in terms of heroes it is ironic that the dwarves were sacked after rather timidly relegating the dirty-work to Bilbo. Do not expect this to change. As far as character-development goes, Bilbo is the central focus. He is growing into Gandalf's glowing pronouncement and the dwarves are‹for now, at least‹being themselves.

When Bilbo, the dwarves, and Gandalf were trapped up in fir trees with wargs (evil wolves) and goblins beneath them, the eagles (including the Lord of the Eagles) swept down from the mountains and carried the Company to safety in their eyries.

In chapter eight of the hobbit. Bilbo bagging's rescues the dwarfs. He's more brave then at the beginning of the book. He leads the spiders away to free the dwarves. When they return he kills many and they learn to fear his blade. He keeps the dwarves together and leads them out of the spiders area.

He uses his ring to turn invisible, and then attacks the spiders, and frees the dwarves

His rescue of the dwarves from the spiders was a big turning point in his life. It gave him some confidence in himself.