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What is Bolivia's climate?

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Hot and Humid

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What is Bolivias climate?


What is Bolivias pci?

The Bolivias pci is a measurament of wheels and tires.

What is Bolivias state animal?


What is Bolivias national sport?


What are Bolivias sports?

Mostly soccer,football.

What was Bolivias first name?

Plurinational State of ...

What is Bolivias population?

The population of Bolivia is about 11.4 million.

What is bolivias capitol?

La Paz is the capital of Bolivia.

What are Bolivias ethnic groups?

Mostly Spanish, Procaine, Caucasian

What percent of Bolivias population live on the Altiplano?

582, 943 people

Who are Bolivias neighbors?

They are people living in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

What body of water forms part of Bolivias border with Peru?

The Mississippi River

What are Bolivias most famous landmarks?

One is Lake Titicaca Basin Tiwanaku

What is the colers of Bolivias flag?

red yellow w/ symbol in the middle green

What is Bolivias biggest city?

The biggest city in Bolivia is La Paz. Population: 1,790

What is Bolivias second capital?

Sucre and la Paz are both considered capitals of Bolivia.

What is bolivias motto in spanish?

it is 'la unidad hace la fuerza' or 'in unity there is strength'.

What is Bolivias two capital?

Sucre is the constitutional and judicial capital and La Paz is the administrative capital

What are Bolivias natural resources?

tin, natural gas, petroleum, zinc, tungsten, antimony, silver, iron, lead, gold, timber, hydropower

What is Bolivias economic system?

Bolivia has a plurinational socialism. A more radical form of social democracy. Its a socialist nation but mixed with democracy and ethical capitalism.

What is Bolivias natural recourses?

Bolivia's natural resources include tin, natural gas, petroleum, zinc, tungsten, silver, iron, lead, gold, timber, and hydropower!

What are the six types of climate?

Tropical ClimateTemperate ClimatePolar ClimateMediterranean ClimateMountain ClimateCoastal Climate

What are the climate zones of Asia?

Tropical rainy climate, tropical monsoon climate, tropical savanna climate, tropical desert climate, tropical desert climate, subtropical monsoon climate, Mediterranean climate, monsoon climate of medium latitudes, temperate continental climate, coniferous forest climate, tundra climate, Plateau mountain climate.

What three factors keep your climate balanced?

three factors are climate CLIMATE CLIMATE CLimate

What is the climate in Liberia?

The climate is a tropical climate.