What is Boreas the goddess of?

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Boreas is not a goddess. He is a god and he is the god of the north wind.

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Q: What is Boreas the goddess of?
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Related questions

Who is Oreithyia?

Oreithyia is the goddess of Mountain Winds, and the wife of Boreas

Who is the goddess of snow daughter of Boreas the god of the North winds?


Who is the Greek god or goddess of snow?

Boreas is the North Wind, a winter god - his daughter Khione is goddess of snow.

Who is the Greek goddess of snow?

The goddess of snow is Chione (also known as Khione), the daughter of Boreas, the North Wind.

Is there a Greek god or goddess of cold?

Boreas is the Greek god of the cold north wind.

Who was chione?

Chione or Khione was the goddess of snow. she was the offspring of Boreas god of the north wind and Orithyia the goddess of chill mountain winds.

Who is khione of the lost hero?

She is the goddess of snow and lives with her father Boreas, god of the north wind

Who is the goddesses of ice?

Khione (Χιονε) was goddess of ice and snow.

Is there a goddess of air?

Not in Greek mythology, the Gods associated with the winds, the Anemi, are male: Boreas (north), Zephyrus (west), Notus (south), and Euros (east). There is also Aeolus, the keeper of the winds, and the Aurae, nymphs of the breezes, who are Boreas's daughters.

Who are the enemies or rivals of the greek goddess Demeter?

Demeter, or Ceres, was the goddess of the ripening grain, so I suppose one individual she didn't get along with was Boreas, the North Wind, god of winter.

What is the coolest greek mythology?

Either something about Boreas, who was the god of the winter wind, or his daughter, Khione, the goddess of snow. Get it. Cool as in cold.

Is the goddess Chione Greek?

Yes, she is, but the correct Greek spelling of her name would be Khione. She was the goddess of snow. Her parents were Boreas and a nymph. The way you spelled it would be the Roman's way.Credits:The Lost Hero

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