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The compound is Bromine chloride

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Bromine monochloride

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nice, thx

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Q: What is BrCl?
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How do you balance BrCl --- Cl2 plus Br2?

2 BrCl = Cl2 + Br2

Which bonds display least ionic character NaCl HCl OCl or BrCl?

BrCl i think!!

Bromine monochloride formula?

The answer is BrCl

Is BrCl polar or nonpolar?

It is polar

Formula for bromine monochloride?


Is BrCl an ionic compound?

No, it is covalent

Is BrCl covalent or ionic?


Is BrCl a solid a liquid or a gas?


What is chemical name for BrCl?

Bromine chloride

What does bromine and chlorine forms?

Bromine monochloride, BrCl

Is brcl a covalent bond?

BrCl does contain a covalent bond. It has a covalent bond because both elements are nonmetals, and the chlorine has more electronegativity than the bromine.

How many peaks will be present in a mass spectrum for rm BrCl?


Oxidation number for Br in BrCl?

-1 for Cl and +1 for Br

Which has bonds that are most polar SCl2 F2 CS2 CF4 BrCl?


How many peaks will be present in a mass spectrum for BrCl?

There will be four peaks in the mass spectrum.

What Compound is not Covalently Bonded A BrCl B HCl C LiCl D S2Cl2?


What is the atomic masses of the four BrCl molecules?

The molar mass of bromine chloride is 115,357 g.

Is BrCl an ionic or covalent compound?

BrCI is a covalent compound because it consists of two non-metals.

How many peaks will be present in a mass spectrum for?

how many peaks are there in mass spectrum of BrCl

Do Br and Cl bond?

Yes, they form BrCl and BrCl3 . such compounds have covalent bonds and known as Interhalogens.

What compounds is most likely to occur as a solid at room temperatureCaCO3 NO BrCl SO2?

CaCO3 is solid at room temperature

What are the masses of the four different BrCl molecules?

81Br37Cl=117.882 81Br35Cl= 115.885 79Br37Cl=115.884 79Br35Cl =113.887

How many lone pairs of electrons are found in the Lewis structure of the interhalogen compound BrCl?

6 lone pairs.

Is BrCl an ionic or molecular compound?

BrCI is a molecular compound. It consists of two non-metals with negligible electronegativity difference.

What compounds would you expect to contain ionic bonds SrI2 SO2 Li2O BrCl CsF CaCl2?

Li2O CsF CaCl2 are all ionic