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Bridgewater School's motto is 'Thus Until'.

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Bridgewater School's motto is 'Sic Donec'.

The motto of Bridgewater College is 'College of Character, Community of Excellence'.

The motto of Bridgewater State University is 'Not to be Ministered Unto but to Minister.'.

The motto of Bridgewater-Raritan High School is 'Pursuing Excellence in Education'.

Bridgewater Junior Senior High School's motto is 'Mens Sana In Corpore Sano'.

The motto of Immanuel Schools is 'Schools with a Christian witness...'.

The motto of The British Schools of Montevideo is 'Perfice'.

The motto of Navyug Schools is 'Tamso Ma Jyotirgamya'.

The motto of The Webb Schools is 'Principes non Homines'.

The motto of Tintern Schools is 'Factis Non Verbis'.

The motto of Rio Rancho Public Schools is 'Motto: Student Excellence'.

The motto of Blanchester Local Schools is 'Home of the Wildcats'.

The motto of Holland Public Schools is 'A World of Opportunity.'.

The motto of Chippewa Valley Schools is 'HOME OF THE TIMBERWOLVES'.

The motto of Gaston County Schools is 'Shaping Our Future'.

The motto of Vancouver Public Schools is '"Imagine what you can learn.'.

The motto of Albuquerque Public Schools is 'Expect great things!'.

The motto of Auburn City Schools is 'Inspire, Educate, Empower'.

The motto of Bendle Public Schools is 'A Community with Kids at Heart'.

The motto of Buffalo Public Schools is 'Together We Can Make A Difference'.

The motto of Allied Schools is 'Working together for excellence in independent schools'.

The motto of Enid Public Schools is 'Excellence. Pride. Success.'.

The motto of Carroll Christian Schools is 'Strength - Integrity - Honesty'.

The motto of Lamphere Public Schools is 'Learning today... for tomorrow'.

The motto of South African College Schools is 'Spectemur agendo'.

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