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  • Gaol
  • (doing) porridge
  • Chokey (although this is old fashioned).
  • (doing) bird
  • (in the) Clink
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Q: What is British slang for jail?
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What is British slang for booking someone into jail?

Locking upBanging up

What is the meaning of the word woof in British slang?

In British Slang, a "woof" is a male homosexual.

What is a Three letter slang word for jail?


Is the jug a slang word for jail?


What is the British slang for piggy bank?

According to BritishSlangs, "Piggy Bank", is actually British slang.

Is Nick slang for jail?

Yes - according to Wiktionary, it is UK slang for a police station, or prison.

Why did the British establish the cellular jail?

why did the british established the Cellular Jail

What does pinta mean in English?

I think it is slang for jail or prison.

What is British slang for stolen?


What is chuffed?'s the british slang))

What is British slang for foolish?


What is British slang for exactly?

"spot on" ?

What is the British slang for laptop?


What is British slang for gay?


What does Codswallop mean in British slang?

Codswallop is British slang for excuses or lies. For example: 'Your dog ate your homework? What a load of codswallop!'

What does aggro mean in British slang?

In British slang, an aggro means someone or something is a hassle. For example "James is so aggro!"

What is the british slang for stereo?

"Raster blaster" would be one British slang term for a stereo. That is related to the American term of "ghetto blaster" or "boom box." A "rattlehead" is British slang for someone who listens to a personal stereo in public.

What does bee's knees mean in British slang?

Bee's knees is British slang for 'fabulous!'. For example: 'Cor ol'chap, that meal was the bee's knees!'

What is a hoosegow?

Slang term for jail/prison/clink/slammer/etc

What is hoosegow?

Strictly a court of law, but in slang it often means jail

What is a big house?

A big house is a slang term for a jail or prison.

What does the slang term 'clink' mean?

The slang word clink is used for jail. An example of this is that the accused was sent to the clink. The clink describes the sound the jail bars make when the door is shut.

What is the British English word for jail?

it is called a prison sometimes jail

What is shaggin?

It is british slang for Having sex.

What is the translation for the British slang Pizzer?

An alcoholic.