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The laity of any religion refers to the people who follow the religion who are not clergymen. In Buddhism, the laity are the people who practice the religion, but are not leaders of worship.


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A Laity is all people who are not members of a given profession or other specialized field. In religious organizations, the laity is all people who are not part of the clergy.

The "laity" is everybody who isn't part of the "clergy" of religious workers.

Laity refers to all people who are not members of a society's priesthood or clergy.

Yes, there are both clergy and laity in the Orthodox Church.

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Those members of the Catholic church who are not ordained ministers or consecrated religious are indeed called laity.

any kind of food really--although some do not eat meat or garlic. Buddhist monks are vegetarians and meals served to the public in temples is also vegetarian. In fact, Buddhist laity are encouraged to be vegetarian, but few are. One of the precepts of Buddhism is "to abstain from killing sentient beings" , therefore if devout Buddhist is to prepare food for himself, he will always prefer vegetables. However, Buddhist will eat any food given to them as offerings. According to tradition, Gautama Buddha himself died by eating spoiled (?) foods given to him as offering when he was 80 years old.

Laity persons are the leader of the church without the presence of the priest. They are assigned to assist the priest during the mass.

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The laity... namely anyone who is not a priest, deacon, or bishop is not ordained. Nuns or brothers are not ordained. They are officially considered part of the laity.

The founder of the religion Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama. The levels of Buddhist religious hierarchy are: Buddhist Monasteries, Buddhist Monks, Buddhist Nuns, Buddhist Lay People, Buddhist Pilgrims.

The Dalai Lama did not change to be a Buddhist. He was raised Buddhist frombirth.Definitely......Tibetan Buddhist

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