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It's a software that link the CAD to the shopfloor in such a way the output from the cad is executed directly by machines hooked up to the system in a production line.

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Q: What is CAM or computer aided manufacturing?
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What does CAM stand for in design technology?

In design technology CAM stands for Computer-Aided ManufacturingSusiCAD+CAM=CIMSComputer aided design + Computer aided manufacturing = Computer integrated manufacturing systems.example for CAM : CNC machine

What does CAM mean?

Computer Aided Manufacturing

What does CAD and CAM mean in technology?

CAD means: Computer Aided DesignCAM means: Computer Aided Manufacturing

What does CAM mean in textiles?

cam means computer aided manufacturing

What does the acronym CAM stand for?

Computer Aided Manufacturing

How ict is used in manufacturing?

CAD- Computer aided design CAM- Computer aided manufacture

What refers to the use of computers to assist with manufacturing processes?

Computer & ManufacturingCAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing.Brahmajyothi

What is the abbreviations of GUI CAD and CAM?

GUI = Graphic User Interface. CAD = Computer Aided Design. CAM = Computer Aided Manufacturing.

What is Computer Aided Manufacturing or CAM?

It makes CDS and DVDS

What is the definition of computer-aided manufacturing?

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is when the manufacturer uses computer software to control, monitor and adjust tools and machinery in the process of manufacturing a product.

What is cad cam?

Cad stands for: Computer Aided Design Cam is used to manufacture products. The term CAD/CAM implies both for designing a product and for controlling Design manufacturing processes. Cam stand for: Computer Aided Manufacturing

What are the examples of product engineering software?

1. Computer aided design (CAD) 2. Computer aided engineering (CAE) 3. Computer aided manufacturing (CAM)

What is the use of computers to control production equipment?

Computer-aided Manufacturing(CAM)

The use of computers to assist with manufacturing processes such as fabrication and assembly is called?

CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing

What is unigraphics?

It is an advanced CAD(Computer-Aided Drawing)/CAM(Computer-Aided Manufacturing)/CAE(Computer-Aided Engineering) software package developed by Siemens PLM Software.

Relationship between CAD and CAM?

The relationship between CAD (Computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) is that both types of designing need to be done on a computer and operated by an engineer.

Where is computer aided manufacturing used?

where is computer aided manufacturing used and what is it

What does cam stand for in technology?

What does cam stand for in technology is Cam can mean many things such as camera, computer aided manufacturing, camcorder, camouflage, cell adhesion molecule or certified apartment manager. * Added - CAM is used in engineering and manufacturing technologies to refer to Computer Aided Manufacturing, or, Modeling and is often teamed with CAD, for Computer Aided Design. CAD CAM is the typical technology today for developing a new product and takes it from an idea to a product or product component very quickly.

What is CAM and CAD?

CAM is Computer Aided Manufacturing, and is associated with CNC machines (Computer Numeric Control). CAD is Computer Aided Design, which is making drawings and plans using software on a computer instead of on paper. There is also CAE, Computer Aided Engineering, which is computer simulation of physical objects and events.

What is the difference between cad and cam?

CAD stands for Computer Aided Drafting and is used to create working blueprints and designs. CAM is Computer Aided Manufacturing, where computers and software control machinery that makes things.

What are the disadvantages of using the CAM System?

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems are very expensive and they need well-trainded operating personnel.

WHAT IS computer aided manufacturing and computer aided design?

what is computer adid manufacturin

What is the introduction of computer-aided manufacturing system?

which company have used computer-aided manufacturing system?

What are the differences between computer aided design system and computer aided manufacturing system and robotics?

a computer aided design (CAD) system is used to design and model components/objects. Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software is used to talk to the special machines which physically build things like computer numeric controlled (CNC) lathes, milling machines, 3d printers, etc

What does CAD and CAM mean?

computer aided design , computer aided manifacturing.