What is California chic attire?

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Example for women: Designer Jeans, Louboutin shoes, Louis vuitton bag, & a designer top
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What is urban chic attire?

Well Urban city like Here i wear urban cloths i guess so look at this website and if you live in Miami or New York im u sure there's a store near you!! www.urbanoutfitters.com

What is California casual attire?

Answer . If you're just out for the day then anything goes from shorts, T-shirts, tank tops for girls, bikini wear, etc. If you are asked to a casual party then shorts are

What is California Cocktail attire?

Answer . California cocktail attire is a bit more relaxed than regular "cocktail attire". Generally cocktail attire would be considered a little black dress. However, Ca

What is California cocktail attire for men?

Cocktail attire for men in California is casual, unless theinvitation says formal. During fall and winter months, darkerfabrics are worn and in the spring and summer, lighter

What is a hood chic?

In urban slang a hood chic is a woman who is independent and makesher own money, but is stereotyped because she wears nice clothes.

What is Chic attire for a wedding?

For a female, a chic wedding outfit would be a mid-length dressthat is comfortable and elegant. For a male, a chic outfit would bea tuxedo or suit with a tie and bright shirt.

What is club chic attire?

Dress shirts that aren't for the office . Dark jeans\Slacks . Sport coat . Smart accessories

What is Business Chic Attire for Men?

Business chic attire for men is not as formal as a suit and tie butnot as casual as a collar shirt and pants. It is a combination ofcasual fashion with relaxed shirts and pant

California cocktail attire for men?

For any cocktail party, clothing should be a dark suit with a whiteor muted colored shirt. Accessories should be a subtly patternedtie, and black hard soled dress shoes.

What is downtown chic attire?

It depends if you are working or just out on the street or going to a party working-black pencil skirt with a belt and a colored blouse with ruffles in the front, and you can
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What is geek chic?

if you are refering to fashion. it is a style of clothing in which a geek look is formed. this often includes geek style glasses, a shirt tucked into trousers or shorts and a
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What is chic Pug?

Well, I don't know what the correct way to say/pronounce that, but its a pug and a chichuahua mix. Try going on google and type in pics of chichuahua and pug mix. THEY ARE SO