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chocolate ice cream
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When did California State Colleges become California State Universities?

CA State Colleges vs. Universities . In 1972, the state college system became the California State University and Colleges, and in 1982 the word "colleges" was dropped. A community college typically offers a two-year degree (A.A., A.O.S. etc.) or certificate. A university offers advanced degrees ( Full Answer )

What is the state flower of California?

The state flower for California is the California poppy,Eschscholzia californica. This is a cool season wildflower thattends to grow on south facing slopes throughout the state. It isnot fond of particularly fertile soil but it does grow inagricultural fields if they are sufficiently well drained. P ( Full Answer )

What is the state fish of California?

California State Fish - Golden Trout: . The golden trout (Salmo agua-bonita) is native only to California and was named the official state fish by act of the State Legislature in 1947.. State Marine Fish - Garibaldi: . In 1995, the Legislature acted to protect the Garibaldi (Hypsypops rubicun ( Full Answer )

States that border California?

The state of California is bordered by three states in the US andone Mexican State. They include Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and BajaCalifornia.

Describe the state flag of California?

The state flag of California has a picture of a grizzly bear on it.Under the bear the flag says California Republic. The flag also hasa small red star on it.

What is a dessert?

it is a food which you mainly eat after your dinner. It is often sweet or fruity.

What is California state rank?

It ranks first in population. . It ranks third in size. . It ranks 12th in population density. . It ranks 31st on entry to the Union.

What was the process that California became a state?

California was won during the Mexican War of 1846-1848, and was governed by US Military Governors until it's statehood in 1850. Statehood was hurriedly granted because gold was discovered in 1849, statehood followed immediately the following year. California was processed as a state just like any o ( Full Answer )

How did California became a state?

In February of 1848, Mexico and the United States signed a treaty which ended the Mexican War and yielded a vast portion of the Southwest, including present day California, to the United States. Several days earlier, January 24, 1848, gold had been discovered on the American River near Sacramento, a ( Full Answer )

What are the Pregnancy laws in the state of California?

California has several laws impacting pregnancy and maternity leave. The Family Rights Act, and Pregnancy Disability Leave Law both provide job protection. The State SDI and Paid Family Leave provide income protection during pregnancy and maternity leave.

Was state California ever a territory?

The state of California belonged to or was held by different groupsat various times after its discovery by Europeans, but it was nevera U.S. territory. At the end of the Mexican-American War in themid-1800s, the U.S. purchased California from Mexico and it was runby the military until it became a st ( Full Answer )

How many states border California?

California is bordered by 4 states.California is bordered by the U.S. states Oregon to the north,Nevada to the east, and Arizona to the southeast, and the Mexicanstate of Baja California to the south.

How many acres is the state of California?

California is the largest state in population and the third largest in area (158,647 sq mi). There are 640 acres in one square mile. Thus, 158647 mi² = 101534080 acres Source: Square acres retrieved from Answers.com

What state will you get in 3 hours from California?

Driving from the California border, in three hours you could reachOregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, or the Mexican states of BajaCalifornia and Sonora. Flying from California, three hours will get you about halfwayacross the United States.

What is the California State dog?

Most states don't have a state dog, and California is no exception.. If it were ever to have a state dog, the Australian Shepherd might be a good candidate, as it was developed in the western United States and has a large number of Aussie owners and breeders in the state.

What is ohio's state dessert?

well, we ARE the buckeye state so maybe the traditional buckeyes? or... buckeye cheesecake? :) hope this helps

What to have for dessert?

A rhubarb tart, a creme brulee, an apple pie, fruit salad, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate pie, chocolate eclair, chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies, or strawberry cheesecake. OR something fast and easy could be peanut butter and sugar. It sounds weird, but TRY IT!

In which state is California?

California is one of fifty states in the United States of America. There is a "California City" in the state of California, but there is no city of "California" in the state of "California". From the lighter side: Not unlike New York (at least in this regard) California is a state of mind.

What is Virginia's state dessert?

Virginia's state dessert is the Boston Cream Pie. Its state cookie is the Chocolate chip Cookie, and their state doughnut is the Boston Cream Doughnut.

What is in a dessert?

it depends what type of dessert you plan on making. most of the time eggs, flour, sugar, and milk involved. there are a lot of different desserts, so it really depends.

What is maines state dessert?

It used to be cookies and cream ice cream (i think) but as of 2011 Paul LePage is trying to make it become whoopie pies.

Is California a north or south state?

That was the trouble. It extended so far on both sides of the Missouri line that both sides claimed it. If it had been divided into North and South California, the war might have been avoided. In the end, it was admitted to the Union as a free state - in exchange for certain concessions to the So ( Full Answer )

Why was California becoming a state an issue?

The reason why California becoming a state was an issue was of the debate over slavery, the south wanted slaves in California and the west was against slavery

What is the classification of the California state tree?

This is how the Giant Sequoia , California's state tree, is officially classified: . Kingdom: Plantae . Division: Pinophyta . Class: Pinopsida . Order: Pinales . Family: Cupressaceae . Subfamily: Sequoioideae . Genus: Sequoia . Species: S. sempervirens

Which state borders California to the South?

Baja California is the Mexican state that completely borders the southern US. but technically Arizona would border the southern California, in US states.

Which state was a state first California or Minnesota?

California beat Minnesota into the United States by more than seven years. California became the 31st state on September 9, 1850, followed by Minnesota as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858.

What is Maryland's state dessert?

Maryland's State Dessert is the Smith Island Cake, a cake comprised of many (8 - 12) very thin yellow cake layers alternating with rich fudge icing.

On average how many people eat dessert in the United States?

Uh..well lets see..there are more 30 million ppl currently living in the US..and 25.8 thousand ppl have diabetes. So...not counting other diseases and pppl dieing this very secound.....about 29.75 million ppl.

What is the official state question of California?

I don't know that there really is one, but some years back a talk show host (perhaps Jay Leno) joked that "Did you feel that?" had narrowly beaten "Are those real?" in a survey.

What state has a town named California?

There is no US town of California, but there are three cities, atownship, a borough, and a census-designated place in the US namedCalifornia. . City of California, Kentucky, a 6th-class city with apopulation of 86 in 2000 . City of California, Missouri . California City, California . California ( Full Answer )

How did california become state?

In February of 1848, Mexico and the United States signed a treaty which ended the Mexican War and yielded a vast portion of the Southwest, including present day California, to the United States. Several days earlier, January 24, 1848, gold had been discovered on the American River near Sacramento, a ( Full Answer )

Is California a concealed carry state?

Yes and no. Yes, they do have legislation for concealed carry. No, they're not going to approve you for a permit unless you're especially well connected.

What are desserts?

They are a food dish you have after a main course at dinner. Usually a sweet dish.

Which state is California in?

California is a state, not a city. It is in the United States. References: I live in California.