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California's state food is the blueberrey.

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California's state fruit is an orange.

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The Orange.

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Q: What is Californias State fruit?
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Is oranges or blueberrys Californias knowne fruit?

It's not the state fruit! Kiwi is!!!

What is Californias year of cenus?

this is for a school state project what is californias year of c enus?

Californias state nickname?

The Golden State

What is Californias Nicknname?

The Golden State ?

Californias state motto is?

The state motto of California is "I have found it"

What is Californias state meaning?

What is the meaning of california?

What is Californias state sport?

Football is California's state sport.

What language is Californias state motto?

The state motto is Eureka which is Greek for "I Have Found It"

What is One interesting fact about californias state song?

it means

How did the grizzly bear become californias state animal?

because it shows strength and bravery

What is Californias flower?

Golden PoppyAnd that's it.

Is California a penninsula?

There are two Californias: the US state of California (capital: Sacramento) and the Mexican state and peninsula known as Baja California.