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Q: What is Carlos gonzalez's batting stance in mlb2k12?
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What is the best batting stance?

If your swing is long, like Craig Counsel (or used to be) You have to react even faster but it might give you more power.A closed batting stance is bet used when you miss those outside pitches.\An opened batting stance is best used when you miss those inside pitches

Why do baseball players use an open stance when batting?

To help them better see the ball from the pitcher

What has the author Gar Ryness written?

Gar Ryness has written: 'Batting stance guy' -- subject(s): Batting (Baseball), Anecdotes, Anecdotes,, Baseball

Is the strike zone from the knees to the letters while the batter is in his batting stance or when he is standing up straight?

It is generally interpretted to be while the batter is in his batting stance. With that being said, the strike zone is different based on the umpires so you will not always have that hold true. In either case an umpire will not let you over exaggerate your stance to make you have an extremely small strike zone and gain a competitive advantage

What is it called when a batter can hit from either side of the plate?

The batter is called a switch hitter.

Why is your left shoulder hurting you after batting practice?

You may be putting too much stress on it. Have someone check your batting stance, and swing. Maybe he/she can spot what is wrong with how you are holding the bat.

What company take accommodative stance?

name three companies that are denfensive stance,accommodating stance and proactive stance

What is objective stance?

what is a objective stance

What is a stance?

a stance is like having a answer to an opinion

What do you call a ready position in playing sports?

that depends on the sport, if its baseball, ready posistion on defense is fielders posistion, on offense, its batting stance.

How do you create Barry Bonds in mlb 11 the show for ps3?

Make a guy name him Barry bonds make him black put his batting stats all the way up batting stance 21

Did the swan stance come from Karate Kid?

No the swan stance does not come from the Karate Kid. There is no swan stance. What you are probably thinking of is the Crane Stance that is used in the Karate Kid. It is actually seldom seen in karate and is a Kung fu stance.